GTA 6: Release Date, Location, Setting, New Features, and more

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Photo via Rock Star Games

Grand Theft Auto 6 rumours are emerging more frequently, it won’t be long until we hear more details on GTA 6. Leaks are starting to pop up regarding Rockstar’s new game and since it has been almost 6 years since its predecessor first released it is likely more information will become available with each passing day. 

With this in mind, there was a recent post on Reddit by user JackOLantern1982, where he details 23 new and unique facts about GTA 6's looming release. 


Yet, this leak is to be taken ever so lightly as no one knows the credibility behind this Reddit user, so he could just be making it up for upvotes. Nevertheless, this Reddit post causes the attention of thousands of people as we have yet to have anything substantial regarding GTA 6, so anything that fans can dig their teeth into will be dragged out. 

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So, with the 23 new details that were posted on Reddit, what were the key points? 

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Location and Setting!

Photo via Rockstar Games

During this Reddit post the user detailed multiple notes about where and when GTA 6's main story will take place in. In contrast to previous GTA titles where players are restricted to one giant open-world map, it seems as Rock Star Games is taking a new approach to this.


Reddit user Jack0Laturn1982 notes that the main story mode in GTA 6 will be set in two unique locations, one being Vice City from previous GTA titles and the other being somewhere in South America and more so a replica of Rio de Janeiro. 

They also note that we could see some linear missions in Liberty City, which was where GTA 4 was set but these missions may just simply be one or two nothing too exciting. 

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With these two locations in mind, it will be very interesting how Rock Star Games who are synonymous with creating beautiful open world maps for all of their titles will be able to recreate a version of Brazil that will be realistic and gorgeous at the same time. 

With these "leaks" in mind, fans have already speculated about these new details, many are wondering if they're going to make it realistic for us to travel between the two cities rather than fast travelling. So, perhaps we would take a plane or a boat instead of just hitting a button, but I am sure they would give us an option to speed it up, regardless. 

Another detail that was noted by the Reddit user was the time and decade GTA 6 will be set in. They note that is set around the 1970-1980s with a heavy influence of the main story being taken from the famous TV show; Narcos. During the 1970-1980s in American, this is when the drug trade was ramping up between North and South America, so this could be a very unique setting for GTA 6.

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Main Characters


Photo via Rockstar Games

Rewinding for a brief second to GTA 5's main story mode, if anyone remembers we had the luxury of having three main protagonists that we could swap between at any time and all had unique and amazing missions. This was one of the best features ever introduced in any GTA title, as we got to know each character without feeling disconnected from one, so with this in mind it seems as Rock Star Games may be hesitating in doing this for GTA 6.

The Reddit post noted that there will only be one main protagonist in GTA 6's main story mode. Named "Ricardo" who he details as a wannabe drug lord who is just starting out in the business and is trying to make his way up. They also detail about another key character named "Kacey" who seems to be a key factor in the narrative throughout the story. 

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Reddit user Jack0Lattern1982 also says "You start off as a grunt doing runs as a cocaine smuggler from Vice City to the new large South American area before making connections with big-time drug lords and making your way up. 

Multiple cities.". So this new story mode is basically the journey of a young drug dealer who is attempting to become the new Pablo Escobar of GTA's world. 

Whether this is true or not, as it does seem weird that Rock Star is steering off the course of multiple protagonists, this is the only "leak" as of now so, take it with a grain of salt yet again. 


Real Life Economy 

Photo via Rockstar Games

A large part of Red Dead Redemption 2's story mode was the changing seasons that took place throughout different chapters and missions in the game. This was stunning to watch as one mission we could be traversing through a blizzard and the next chapter would be Spring. 

One thing that Red Dead Redemption 2 never attempted was a "real-life economy" as it was only set in the span of a few years it would be unrealistic for a lot of things to change it seems we getting something unique in GTA 6.

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It seems as the story mode is set over the course of multiple years, not just one set year. So, the Reddit post notes the economy will change and things will get more expensive as time goes on and, cars purchased in the early years of the story mode will have their value inflated as they will no longer be available to purchase.