FM 16 Editor: How To Download & Use The Editor Tool

Learn how to download and use the FM editor tool.

FM 16 Editor – Gone are the days where you would install Football Manager from a disc, which would automatically place a copy of the relevant FM Editor tool on your desktop, as now, it’s somewhat hidden in the plethora of options in the Steam library, making it difficult to use. That’s not to say it’s impossible or even difficult to find and use the Editor tool, just needlessly cryptic and sometimes confusing if you don’t know where to look. In this guide I will explain what the Editor tool is, how you can download the Editor tool, and provide a few handy tips to assist you when using the tool.  

What is the FM Editor Tool?

Firstly let’s just clarify the difference between the Editor tool you download from Steam. and the one accessible to you in-game. The in-game editor allows you to change things like a player’s ratings, a club finances or which teams should be promoted/relegated. You can change some things, but not all, making it quite restrictive, and needlessly costly at £3.99 (why pay for a reduced version when the full one is free?!) But here’s the thing, once a game file has been started, the FM loyalists amongst us have no interest in mods or cheats to enhance our game save. It feels too much like cheating if I’m able to give my struggling club £50m here, or an injection of £30m there. I don’t even want the option to cheat, however tempting it may be. It’s us in the jungle, with no help from the outside world.


In my view, the in-game editor dangerously blurs the line between ‘cheating’ and ‘editing’, which is why I only ever use the full version of the Editor tool. The full Editor allows you to customise just about everything that is Football Manager, from player names to club attributes, you can change the whole lot. You can make players better, clubs richer, change the nationality of your star players, create your own players or simply, switch clubs around across different leagues. That, and thousands of other options. It’s every FM nerds playground and is a great breeding ground for new game-saves when you’ve rinsed out every possible option via the normal way of playing. The Editor tool is the mastermind behind our ‘FM Stories’ series, which saw us put Barcelona in League 2, Ronaldo Back at Man UtdCeltic in the Premier League and the world’s two best players at Aston Villa. Basically, you can change anything you want and it all takes place before you start your game-save, removes the cheating element the whole thing.  

How can you download the Editor tool?

Short Way

Library –> Tools –> FM 16 Editor –> Download

Long Way

Step 1  – Open up Steam

Open Steam and hover your mouse over the ‘LIBRARY’ tab, like so:



Step 2 – Select ‘TOOLS’ and then click to proceed:



Step 3 – In the search bar in the top left corner, type in ‘Football Manager’ and the Editor tool for FM16 will appear:



Step 4 – Double tap the ‘Football Manager 2016 Editor’ option to install:


Useful Editor tips

fm editor

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