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Fall Guys Season 2 RELEASED - Patch Notes, New rounds, costumes & more

The global smash that is Fall Guys has dropped its second season!

Here's everything we've deduced so far.

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Season 2 Live

After an earlier hiccup, Season 2 of fall guys is live!

fall guys season 2 live
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Season 2 was confirmed as being live at around 10:30am ET / 3:30pm BST.


Patch Notes

Although not official "patch notes" - there's a thorough rundown courtesy of the PlayStation Blog.


fall guys s2 costumes
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With a medieval theme for Season 2, these four cute outfits will be arriving in the game!


"From adorable dragons and feisty knights to wondrous witches and mischievous wizards" - so plenty of options available.

You can also expect plenty of exclusive collaborations and crossovers to use your kudos and crowns.


At least four new rounds are coming for Season 2.

Two of which have had names confirmed:

Wall Guys

fall guys wall guys screen min
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DREAM TEAM - Will you help other players or opt to go it alone in Wall Guys?


Movable objects also play a pivotal role in Wall Guys – a new take on competitive stumbling where intrepid beans need to build their own route to victory!

With cooperation as important as nimble jumping, the real battle is figuring out whether to be a friend or foe.

Knight Fever

fall guys knight fever 2 min
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DISCO INFERNO - Knight Fever looks terrifying!


Balance, well-timed diving and having the heart of the bravest of knights all come into play in Knight Fever, a bean-busting stumble to the finish line.

Building on the chaos of ‘Slime Climb’ and ‘Fall Mountain’, this Round takes players on our most treacherous race to date via the wildest of medieval obstacles. 

Hoopsie Legend

fall guys hoopsie legend min
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PUT A RING ON IT - There's plenty going on in Hoopsie Legend


Look out for the Golden Hoops - they are worth bonus points and will yeet you toward victory.

Also, be sure to work with others to reach platforms with many hoops. That way you’ll get there quicker and then you can all share the points.

Egg Siege

fall guys egg siege min
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EGGCELENT - Egg Scramble goes up a notch

You’ll be familiar with the joy and drama that comes from grabbing eggs from your fellow beans, but this new Round throws in a perilous castle full of moving parts, adding a whole new tactical layer to proceedings. 


Show Selector

The new Show Selector lets you pick a carefully selected roster of ‘shows’, including some extra nifty limited-time events.

Each show features a themed playlist of Rounds to suit different playstyles, such as Gauntlet and Survival Showdowns.

Anything Else?

Party falling is now available - queue and descend together your pals!

Other new additions include:

  • Additional controller options for PS4 – including inverting the X/Y axis and the ability to tweak sensitivity to get you stumbling just right. 
  • Random Outfit Generator – ever have those days where you just don’t know what you want your bean to wear? Us too. Now can get random combos with every click.
  • Visual upgrades – you’ll spot our original Season 1 levels have had a fresh lick of paint, including spicy new tile effects. Nice!
  • Nameplates and Banners – compliment your costume with customizable flair! All viewable in spectator mode for other beans to admire.

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