Fall Guys Season 2 Reaction: Reddit, Colour Changes, Funny Glitches, and more

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Fall Guys Season 2 is officially here! Players around the world are well underway in sending their battle-hardened characters hurtling through a whole host of medieval obstacles.

Betrayal, drama, and hilarious action are all taking place right now, so we take a look at the reactions so far to this new Season, and what we could be likely to see in the future.


What players on Reddit are saying

As usual, heading over to the crystal ball that is Reddit can give a great insight into how the most passionate of fans are feeling about the game...and well, anything!

fall guys medieval theme min

SIR YEETUS THE BIGGETH: The new Medieval theme is in full swing!

Here are some of the reaction highlights so far.

Slime Climb is still super challenging

One round in Fall Guys which appears to be quickly becoming players' Everest, is Slime Climb.


And if you thought Season 2 would be making this easier, think again.

While this new Season hasn't changed much about it, asides from the colours and the removal of a counter, Slime Climb still remains one of the more difficult rounds.

image 3

IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT: It looks like other players are also finding it a tough one!

One Reddit user Kirbyfan628 shared their google search, which by the looks of it, many others agreed with!

Colour Changes and Colour Blindness

When it comes to accessibility, we've seen a ton of games be praised by the amount of effort they've put into it.


It's fantastic to see some of the best games become playable for such a broad range of gamers!

In fact, Fall Guy's developers Mediatonic actually donate money to a gaming-focused charity called Special Effect - raised through in-game costume bidding. They raised $1million in their latest auction!

Fall Guys Season 2

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Season 2 looks great, but it may prove difficult to navigate for some

However, one user on Reddit andygmb highlighted that some of the colour changes of Season 2 could arguably make the rounds more challenging for players with colour blindness.

When you look at the comparison, you could potentially see why his post was upvoted hundreds of times.

Will his concern be addressed in the game? We'll have to wait and see.



No new Season would be complete without some hilarious glitches.

Let's face it, it is virtually unheard of for any game to be devoid of a few glitches from time to time.

They're often fixed in patches and updates and don't cause any devasting harm to anyone, asides from causing a bit of wholesome bewilderment.

fall guys season 2 rounds knight fever 1

WAIT...WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Some glitches can be a little weird

So far, we've seen players get unceremoniously launched into the abyss for just minding their own business.


We've also seen players experience seemingly endless falling, allowing them to think about their failings for eternity.

At the moment, however, it appears that there are no 'major' glitches to speak of, which is great news!

For everything Fall Guys, from the latest news to guides, be sure to check back in with us!

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