Evil Dead: The Game How to Lower Your Fear and Avoid Getting Scared

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Out of all the mechanics introduced in the recently released Evil Dead: The Game, none are as important as the fear bar located at the bottom left of the screen, under the player's health and shields.

For those playing as survivors, the fear bar will be what makes or breaks a game against the forces of evil and if the bar raises above 75%, the Kandarian Demon can even possess a survivor.

Ash Williams finishing off a deadite with his chainsaw hand in Evil Dead:The Game
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If done at the wrong time, this possession can be disastrous for players and easily lead to a full squad wipe, but it doesn't have to be that way. Here's how you can avoid getting scared and keep your fear low in Evil Dead: The Game.

How To Stop Your Fear from Rising in Evil Dead: The Game.

Fear is debatably the one constant in Evil Dead: The Game outside of the horde of deadites and there is no 100% foolproof way to stop the growth of fear completely but there are a few things survivors can do to slow it down.

Pablo from Ash vs Evil Dead walking alone at night in Evil Dead: The Game
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The thing about fear is that it will continue to rise unless it's actively being lowered, but certain things will cause your fear to rise faster than usual. The most common way survivors will experience increased fear growth in Evil Dead: The Game is by travelling alone.

The best way to stop this from happening is to try and stick with your fellow survivors in some kind of group. You will notice while travelling with someone that there is an aura around them on the ground, staying inside of this area will stop your fear from growing faster.

Sticking with the four will drastically stunt any fear growth and provide more protection against the Army of Darkness but will also limit map coverage and speed so it's all down to how you want to play.

A line-up of characters from Evil Dead: The Game travelling as a group to lower their fear
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The second method for slowing down your fear's growth is by using the "Pink F" bottles found across the map in supply crates to upgrade your fear skill. Doing so will make the player more resistant to fear growth but it's unclear how effective this approach is when compared to simply sticking together.

While these are good methods to avoid fear growth it's impossible to avoid it completely with various Kandarian Demon traps and powers causing fear to shoot up at inconvenient times but it's still worth sticking together just to limit the traps' usefulness to the demon.

How To Lower Your Fear in Evil Dead: The Game.

Now that we've covered all of the ways to stop your fear level from skyrocketing upwards. Less discuss the ways to calm your character down when they inevitably do get scared.

Pablo from Ash vs Evil Dead Standing next to a lantern that he lit with matches to lower his fear.
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The most important method you need to know when it comes to lowering your fear in Evil Dead: The Game is igniting the various light sources around the map using matchsticks. You can spot these spots on your mini-map as they're marked with a little flame symbol.

To do this, you'll first need to find matchsticks which are scattered around the various buildings across the map. Without upgrades, you can only carry three matches at any time, but you can mark them for your allies to pick up.

Once you have matches, you can simply walk to a marked spot and then ignite the light source. This will drastically decrease your fear level and some of these spots even have items for you to loot so it's worth checking them out.

Pablo from Ash vs Evil Dead standing next to a light source in Evil Dead: The Game
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The next two methods are fairly simple and common but are a lot lower acting and should really be avoided unless completely necessary. Those being natural light sources and staying indoors.

Across the map, you will find various natural light sources that don't have to be ignited via matches. These can be fire-based or even street lights and standing in their radius will slowly tick down your fear timer.


This is also the case for sticking to buildings as searching the insides of houses and staying indoors will also cause your fear meter to drop at a slowed rate. Neither one of these methods is preferable to just using the ignitable light sources but they both are good alternatives if resources are running low.

Ash taking on the Kandarian Demon in Evil Dead: The Game with a high fear level.
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The final method is an exclusive ability to the character of Ash Williams. In particular, his original Evil Dead variation. This character has the special ability to lower the fear levels of himself and those around him in a radius for a short time. This ability doesn't apply to any other character so is very circumstantial if you aren't playing that character yourself but it's worth noting who to stick by when you want to face your fears in Evil Dead: The Game.

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