Dota 2 Hero Guide for Beginners #3: Invoker

Difficult to master but unique in abilities, Invoker is well worth the time.

realsport user by admin

Invoker is a hero who is very difficult to master. He is unique in the sense that he has access a total of 14 abilities in his arsenal; three of them – Quas, Wex, and Exort – are available through leveling up which serve as the basic combos for him to create a new ability using his ultimate. Once the moves are combined, he can invoke one out of ten different abilities. All of his invoked abilities are capable of different actions, from damaging enemies to aiding his allies, and even saving himself from danger. His three base moves can be upgraded up to level seven, which determines the power and potency of his invoked abilities, making it more powerful than an ordinary spell. Because of this, he can be played in many different ways.

His three main moves provide passive attributes with each level, and each instance of his main moves provides a passive bonus, allowing for tactical strategies at early levels and situational boosts at later levels. His extremely flexible nature allows him to use many different combinations of items effectively, but also makes him dependent on solid builds and a good gold advantage.