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When is Diablo Immortal coming to mobile devices?

It has been almost two years since Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal, are we getting a release date soon?

Diablo Immortal is one a lot of Diablo fans are both very excited and very concerned about. Can the free-to-play mobile game systems work with #Diablo's famed ARPG gameplay?

Below, we have everything you need to know about when Diablo Immortal might be coming out and whether it's soon.

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LATEST - Can It Corner A Market?

More often than not, mobile games all follow a largely similar format. They are simple GaaS titles with intense monetisation strategies in play.

In a way, that could explain the popularity of both Fortnite on mobile devices and PUBG Mobile. Both of them are unique enough titles that, while they do feature monetisation, it isn't nearly as invasive.

The fact that they are "console games" ported to a mobile device offers them some degree of legitimacy, too. Call of Duty Mobile's success also shows how a well-known series can do when expanding into the market.


With this in mind, could Diablo Immortal be the mobile ARPG everyone's been looking for?

In these types of game, depth is key. As a mobile title, we shouldn't expect as rich an experience as Diablo 3. However, it seems like with enough support it could just be the next big thing.

BlizzCon Schedule

The first and most obvious place to look for information about Diablo Immortal is the official BlizzCon 2021 schedule that Blizzard has shared with us.

BlizzCon 2021 is being split across six channels. There's going to be a dedicated channel for Diablo, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and StarCraft. Then, a sixth channel that will run highlights of the entire event.

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If we look at what the Diablo channel has lined up, we get a little insight into when to expect some news.

Diablo Immortal key art demon
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IMMORTAL - Are you looking forward to the next Diablo?

The first Diablo-based presentation, Diablo: What's Next, seems to be the main one to be watching. There is a Deep Dive the day after, but if any major news is coming, it'll be then.


Surprise Launch?

Alternatively, could we see Diablo Immortal get a surprise launch during BlizzCon 2021?

It isn't the most outrageous thought with several major developers having opted for this release option in the past, especially for smaller titles and mobile games.

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The official Diablo Immortal site started pre-registering a little while ago and this usually only becomes available when a release is on the way.

In addition to this, the Technical Alpha went live nearly two months ago now. Could Diablo Immortal be in its' final stages of development?

With the Technical Alpha primarily focused on investigating progression issues, early-game combat, and server quality... These are all things we're confident Blizzard can deal with in the short period of time between the Technical Alpha and BlizzCon 2021.