Cricket 22 Gameplay: New after-touch system gives full autonomy over your bowling

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Cricket 22 is just over a month away from release, which means it's time to dust off your ball and bat and get ready for another season of glory.

Big Ant Studios recently revealed some of the brand new features heading to the game, and we've got you covered for everything new you can expect to see in Cricket 22.

Cricket 22 New Features

Immersion is the word of the day for Cricket 22 fans, with refined and enhanced systems hoping to bring the drama to your home.

From new animations to a brand new fielding system, Cricket 22 promises to put the ball in your hand when it arrives on Thursday, 25 November.

New Bowling Mechanic

Cricket 22 will introduce an exciting new bowling mechanic, utilising an arcade-style system that will make bowling feel more varied and authentic.

A red marker will allow you to aim at the specific spot you wish to hit before you chose your delivery and hope for the best.

A new after-touch system has also been implemented, allowing you to change the direction of the ball once it's been thrown. Giving you full autonomy of your bowling speed and delivery, Cricket 22 promises to be the most realistic instalment yet.

Direct Hit Mechanic

A brand new direct hit mechanic is also coming to Cricket 22, with a focus on making fielding feel more immersive.

Shifting the focus onto your catching and throwing capabilities in high-pressure moments, the new system will use a mix of slow-motion and cinematic cameras to truly place you in the moment.

Cricket 22's new direct hit mechanic will also allow you to have full control over the speed of your throw, giving you the chance to bathe in heroism when you hit the stumps. However, be careful not to overcook your throw or you could be getting some dirty looks from your teammates.



As mentioned before, Cricket 22 is placing emphasis on the immersive qualities of their new game, utilising new systems to bring an extra layer of authenticity.

Brand new slow-motion replays have been added to emphasise the quality of a catch, and new batting and bowling animations promise to keep you in the drama for the full duration of a match.

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