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Clash Of Clans Legend League breakdown: Requirements, Tournaments & more

Legend League was added in Clash of Clans on July 1st, 2015, was created as matchmaking exclusive to players with over 5,000 Trophies.

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This is a special league that features its own trophy system, shields, and loot.

Joining Legend League


In order to attack and defend in Legend League, players will have to sign up every day, adding their account into a Legend League matchmaking pool.

Players must also meet the 5,000 Trophy requirement to qualify.

Legend League Matchmaking

The matchmaking from the Legend League is unique and completely different from the lower Leagues.

Matchmaking window in Clash of Clans
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Legend League require to log in everyday.

The pool of players that will battle against each other is refreshed daily. Every 24 hours cycle is called League Days and they start at 5am GMT / 1 am EST every day.

Across every League Day players can make a max of 8 attacks and defend 8 times. The amount of attempts is fixed and not subject to change regardless of your Trophy count. Unused attacks and defends also do not carry over to the next day.


Legend League Tournament

Just like other tournaments, Legend League consists of seasons that last a month. Legend League is different from other Leagues however in that it consists of one Division instead of three Division like lower-tier leagues. This means no matter your rating, you're in the same Division pool.

New Seasons start on the first Monday of each month. For this reason, the average duration of every tournament is 4 weeks with occasionally 5 weeks championship.

With the beginning of a new season, any Trophies exceeding 5000 will be lost and added to the Player Profile as Legend Trophies instead. Legend trophies are permanent and can't be lost.

Legend trophies will accumulate season after season, and nothing will ever reset or reduce Legend trophies and they are visible to everyone else - so they're a great way to flex your skills!

Legend League Loot

The Legend League loot works similar to Clan Wars. There is loot available in the villages, but they can not be stolen, as all players get is raw profit.

Players cannot lose resources on the Legend League either.

The amount of loot is based on how strong is your opponent. At the top end, a maxed Town Hall 12 will reward you with:

  • 450k gold
  • 550k elixir
  • 6.5k dark elixir

This shows just how lucrative the Legend League can be in Clash of Clans, and the extra prestige is just a bonus!