15 Sep 2021 1:08 PM +00:00

Age of Empires 4 Technical Stress Test: All the details you need

Age of Empires 4 is out soon so it makes sense that the team would want to test it before its official launch. In the Age of Empires 4 technical stress test, they plan on letting players from around the world give the game a go for themselves.

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Here's what you should know about it and when you can play it for yourself.

Age of Empires 4 Technical Stress Test Start Date

The Age of Empires 4 technical stress test takes place on September 17th, just days from now. It will then end days later on September 20th.


This gives you just a little amount of time to test the game's parameters and report any issues. The next few days are incredibly important for the team as it allows them to take in information and fix any remaining issues before the game's launch

What is it and how do I join?

As you might expect, the technical stress test is a chance to get some community feedback on the game, just a month before its official release. There's technically a chance it could go so poorly, they may delay it but this doesn't seem likely right now.

On the site, it suggests two ways you can get in there and play it for yourself. They are:

  • Via the Xbox Insider Hub app on PC. Just check the Preview tab for Age of Empires IV to download the build for the Technical Stress Test.
  • Via the Age of Empires IV base game product page on Steam. You’ll see a section titled “Playtest” that will allow you to get started!

Age of Empires 4 Release Date

Age of Empires 4 officially launches on October 28th, next month. This gives you a month to get ready for the launch and preorder whichever version you're looking for.

Make sure to get into the stress test to give it a go for yourself.