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When is Madden 22 Coming Out?

Madden 21 is reaching its end, and the first reveal for Madden 22 is just around the corner!

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Here's what we know about when Madden 22 is coming out, and when we should expect to learn more.

Latest - New Cover Star Reveal is Coming


EA have teased the Madden 22 cover reveal, which will be the first thing revealed about the upcoming game, and it's coming very soon!

The teaser points to June 17 as the day we'll get what looks to be two Madden 22 cover athlete reveals, and players that should count as GOAT level legends according to the teaser.

Here's who we think will be revealed as Madden 22 cover athletes.

When is Madden 22 Coming Out?

Madden 22 has no official release date, but we can expect an August launch based on previous games.

When is Madden 22 Coming Out Release Date Madden 21 Gameplay
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THE HYPE IS REAL: Fans are excited to see what Madden 22 can offer

We'll likely have a release date announcement sometime after the first reveal coming on June 17.

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Madden 22 EA Play Trial

EA Play has become a pivotal part of the launch of games from EA's biggest sports franchises.

Madden 22 EA Play Trial Gameplay
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AHEAD OF THE PACK: A Madden 22 EA Play Trial is all but guaranteed

This trial gives players 10 hours of unrestricted early access gameplay for $5 a month, as well as some in-game goodies.


We can expect the Madden 22 EA Play Trial to follow this same format, and players will likely be able to start playing up to a week before launch day!

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Will There Be a Madden 22 Demo?

Modern Madden games typically do not feature a demo in their development process, and we expect Madden 22 will be the same.

This is because EA already offer a Beta most of the time, and the EA Play Trial is somewhat of an expanded demo already.

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Madden 22 Beta

For players trying to get a taste of Madden 22 as early as possible, a Beta might be your best bet.

Madden 22 Beta Invites Demo Trial Early Access
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ELITE: Not everyone will get into the Madden 22 Beta

The Madden development cycle has incorporated Betas long before the EA Play Trial will become available - so if you can get in, you'll be able to play the game quite early.

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