Madden 25 Reveal Trailer is Here and Gives Fans First Look at the Game!

Madden 25 Micah Parsons

Madden 25 Micah Parsons

After being delayed for two days, the Madden 25 Reveal Trailer is finally here, giving fans the chance to have a first look at the game and its new features.

Fans got to see how the BOOM Tech feature will impact the gameplay, some of the new ball-carrier and passing animations, the changes coming to Franchise mode, and much more.

Madden 25 Reveal Trailer

As mentioned above, the Madden 25 Reveal Trailer allowed fans to have a closer look at the new gameplay features, mainly the BOOM Tech feature.

It also showcased some of the improvements coming to the Franchise mode, but it didn't touch on the highly requested Team Builder feature. The dynamic storylines feature, which promises to make the mode much more immersive, also wasn't mentioned.

Unfortunately, this trailer didn't give us the chance to hear the brand-new commentary duos of Mike Tirico and Greg Olsen, and Kate Scoot and Brock Huard.

Most of what was showcased in the trailer had already been revealed in the Madden 25 Gridiron Notes, which go into a lot of detail to describe all the new features and improvements coming to the game.

Madden 25 Reveal Trailer Footage
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Credit: Madden 25 Reveal Trailer

However, there is nothing like seeing a new feature in action to understand the impact it will have on the gameplay, or if it's going to add value to a game mode.

The Madden 25 Reveal Trailer does a good job of that, even if this is just a sneak peek at the game, it at least allows players to somewhat understand how the new features work, and what the gameplay direction of the title is.

We will only be able to truly understand if the new features are a good addition, if the gameplay has actually improved, and if the Franchise changes are enough to revitalize the mode when we get our hands on the game. So for now, this is the best we could hope for.

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