Madden 22 Roster Update: Jonathan Taylor highlights Week 10 ratings changes

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After another heated week of NFL combat, the next Madden 22 Roster Update is just around the bend with more ratings changes to arrive.

Here's everything you need to know about which ratings changes have been revealed and when we'll learn more about the Week 10 Madden 22 Roster Update.


Madden 22 Roster Update: Jonathan Taylor getting a Week 10 ratings upgrade

Moving back to their usual pattern, EA has chosen to tease one major ratings change ahead of tomorrow's full weekly Madden 22 Roster Update reveal.

While last week saw the earliest spotlight turned to Baker Mayfield, this week EA is looking closely at Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor.

After his 116 rushing yards and two touchdowns in the Colts' victory over the Jaguars, Jonathan Taylor is now set to see his Madden 22 ratings on the rise.

Madden 22 Roster Update Week 10 Jonathan Taylor
KEEP POUNDING: Jonathan Taylor got things done when it mattered

While some of his stats might not appear as impressive on paper, like the mere 10 receiving yards Taylor gained among 6 receptions, one of those six ended in his one receiving touchdown.

On top of that, Taylor averaged 5.52 yards per carry on his 21 rushing attempts, and he made sure to protect the ball by ending the game without a single fumble.

Diving into Next Gen Stats, EA's own graphic outlined that Jonathan Taylor currently leads the league in rushing yards over expected and had a staggering +16 RYOE in his Week 10 game against the Jags.

When will the other Roster Update player rating changes be revealed?

As mentioned above, this first reveal of Jonathan Taylor is only a teaser ahead of the full Madden 22 Roster Update being announced.


How they got about revealing them has varied throughout the season, but we could see more highlight videos featuring Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson land on social media tomorrow between Noon ET and 5pm ET.

So far, we've seen EA deliver these social media reveals on The Checkdown as well as the official Twitter account for the NFL and the EA Madden NFL account.

With any potential highlight reveals live, we should see the full Madden 22 Roster Update for Week 10 released when they update the official Madden 22 ratings database.


As of now, we're expecting that Madden 22 Roster Update to go into effect on Thursday, November 18, 2021 between 6pm and 7pm ET, but the exact timing in the day has varied week to week.