10 Mar 2021 7:45 PM +00:00

MUT Heavyweights drops five massive new players

Madden 21 always keeps the content coming for Madden Ultimate Team, and the latest MUT 21 additions are the Heavyweights.

All five players up for grabs boast impressive stats, and that means they're ones you'll want to add to your Ultimate Team.

MUT 21 Heavyweights

Madden 21's latest set of cards takes on a new Heavyweights theme, and there are five big names that players won't want to miss out on.


Every single one is coming to the gridiron with a 95 OVR, and they're all assets at their individual positions.

Dee Ford (LE) 95 OVR, San Francisco 49ers


If you're looking to beef up your defensive line with a Speed Rusher, Dee Ford is more than worth your attention.

This new Heavyweights version of Ford is rocking top stats in multiple categories, pulling 90+ in Tackle, Power Moves, Finesse Moves, Play Recognition, and Block Shedding.

Ford's Finesse Moves rating of 96 is his best, but his 95 in Play Recognition is close behind and also not to be scoffed at.

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Shaq Mason (RG) 95 OVR, New England Patriots

Sometimes you need the right piece of an Offensive Line to make all the difference, and Shaq Mason is just that kind of piece.

Madden 21 MUT Heavyweight Shaq Mason image
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BLOCK POWER: Shaq Mason is a powerhouse for your O-Line

His top stats stand out with a 95 in Run Block and a 96 in Run Block Power, but he's got top notch stuff across the board.

With a massive seven different stats that have 93+ Ratings, Shaq Mason is not a lineman you want to miss out on.


Rob Havenstein (RT) 95 OVR, Los Angeles Chargers

Where you'll get sheer power with Mason, you'll need to look to Havenstein to boost the agility on your line.

The New England Patriots Right Tackle is carrying a 96 in Pass Block, 96 in Pass Block Finesse, 96 in Awareness, and 96 in Run Block Finesse.

His Pass Block Power and Run Block Power aren't far behind, and his 88 in Strength isn't too shabby either.

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Eddie Goldman (DT) 95 OVR, Chicago Bears

Heavyweights aren't just there to boost the offensive side of the ball, and Eddie Goldman is the perfect example of that.


With a huge 96 in Tackle and 96 in Block Shedding, Defensive Tackle Eddie Goldman is an asset to any defense in MUT 21.

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While his Speed, Finesse Moves, and Acceleration fall a bit short, Goldman is still worth adding to your team.

Anthony Sherman (FB) 95 OVR, Kansas City Chiefs

Last but not least, the fifth addition in this Heavyweights drop is Anthony Sherman.

Anthony Sherman Madden 21 MUT Card Image
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THE SAUSAGE: Sherman brings the beef to any offense

The 32-year-old Fullback is nicknamed "Sausage," and he's been beefing up Kansas City's offense since 2013.

Sherman just announced his retirement days ago, and he's a fitting add here with massive stats like a 96 in Lead Blocking, 95 in Impact Blocking, 95 in Carrying, and 95 in Awareness.

If you're looking to have a difference-making back in your Madden 21 Ultimate Team, this new Heavyweights Anthony Sherman is exactly what could make the difference.