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Madden 21 Crossplay: MUT, next-gen, cross platform, EA Play & more

The hype for Madden 21 is in full swing after the official reveal trailer premiered.

Like most sports games, Madden has historically divided its community by hardware, only allowing players to play with other people on the same console. But there's a lot of hope that crossplay functionality will be introduced with Madden's next gen leap.

With so many other games heading to next gen offering this functionality, could Madden break the sports-game mold? Will Madden 21 bring its MUT community together?

Cross-platform play is more possible than ever

Cross-platform play, or crossplay, has started to become more and more popular with certain genres of games.

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BRING US TOGETHER: The MUT communities are far apart right now

This is especially noticeable with many big titles heading to next-gen consoles, including games like Need for Speed Heat and Star Wars: Squadrons.

Other games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare introduced it even before Warzone dropped. Minecraft lets players explore together, and private games in Rocket League can be cross-platform too.

But for most sports games and especially Madden, this movement has yet to change things.

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At least so far.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team - How MUT would work under crossplay

One of the fastest rising and most popular modes in the Madden series is Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT.

But while MUT seems to be the new franchise favorite, it's also a divider when it comes to crossplay. The Ultimate Team game type craze has delivered massive profits to developers.

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WALK ALONE: It can be lonely being on the opposite console to your friends

If crossplay is introduced, and MUT is included, that means combining player pools from many different platforms. That means a much larger Auction House, many more competitive players, and a very active playerbase.

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But while these things could be perks for Madden 21 players, it might also be a blow to the bottom line.

Will Madden 21 Crossplay happen?

Madden 21 is approaching fast after releasing the official reveal trailer with in-game footage. We didn't get any new information at EA Play, however the showcase was full of talk about Crossplay.

EA announced that crossplay will be coming to a lot of their titles, including Apex Legends. Surely that means it is just a matter of time before it comes to Madden.

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MUT MASTER: We all want to take on the best, regardless of hardware

It just might be a year too soon for Madden 21.

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