Madden 20: New England Patriots Player Ratings, Roster, Depth Chart, Salary Cap, Free Agents & Needs – Tom Brady, Antonio Brown & more

The Patriots are reigning Super Bowl champions. Can you take over and hold on to the crown?

The New England Patriots are the dominant team in the NFL right now and reviled for all their recent success and the new signing of Antonio Brown. They have been to 4 of the last 5 Super Bowls, winning three of them.

Despite the salary cap forcing them to turn over their roster and age continuing to take shots at their quarterback, the Patriots are still the force in the AFC, beating the red-hot Chiefs twice last season on the way to yet another Super Bowl win.

However things are easy in the virtual world. Part of the Patriots brilliance is down to the minds of their head coach and quarterback, and unfortunately you don’t get Bill Belichick’s wisdom in Madden 20.

Can you take over from the most successful head coach in NFL history and continue the Patriots dynasty in Franchise Mode?

Team Rating

The Patriots start Madden 20 with a very healthy 79 overall. This puts them 6th in the NFL, tied with 3 other teams.

The offense is the star of the show, with an massive score of 85. That is the third highest in Madden 20, equal with Rams and Saints, and only bettered by the Eagles and Cowboys.This is thanks the future Hall of Famer under center but also some quality and depth around him.

The defense is less strong, with a score of 79, but they have quality where it counts and the ability to create turnovers.

So who are this teams best players?

Tom Brady, Quarterback (96 OVR)

Age: 42

Development Trait: Superstar X-Factor

Contract: 1 year/$21.5 million

2019 Cap Hit: $21.5 million

Best Stats: Short Accuracy (99), Play Action (99), Awareness (99), Medium Accuracy (98), Throw Power (91), Throw Under Pressure (90), Deep Accuracy (89)

Tom Brady is a guaranteed Hall of Famer and is the most successful player to ever put on pads and a helmet. With six Super Bowl rings, 3 MVPs, and a top 3 spot in nearly ever passing record of note, he doesn’t have much left to achieve. Brady’s 19 seasons in the NFL have been punctuated by pin-point accuracy, remarkable pre-snap reads, and incredible performances in the clutch.

In Madden 20 Brady is an assassin in the pocket. He has perfect short accuracy (99) and near-perfect medium accuracy (98). He can fool defenses with play action (99) and still has good throw power (91) to drive the ball deep. His awareness (99) is elite but you will have to do the pre-snap reads for him.

He has 5 superstar abilities that include getting better pass blocking, extra hot routes, and clutch performance, while his X-Factor ability “Pro Reads” will highlight the first open receiver for you.

Stephon Gilmore, Cornerback (94 OVR)

Age: 28

Development Trait: Superstar X-Factor

Contract: 3 years/$47.57 million

2019 Cap Hit: $9.17 million

Best Stats: Man Coverage (96), Awareness (95), Press (95), Agility (94), Acceleration (94), Play Recognition (93), Speed (91), Zone Coverage (90)

Stephon Gilmore started his career as the 10th overall pick in 2012 for the Buffalo Bills. He 5 good seasons there before joining the Patriots as a free agent ahead of the 2017 season. Since then Gilmore has become a lockdown cornerback, often being left one-on-one with the opposition’s best receiver and winning his battles.

Gilmore is a monster in man coverage (96), with amazing awareness (95), press (95), and play recognition (93) to sniff out plays his way and find the ball.

His superstar abilities provide boosts to his man coverage and breakup ability, while his X-Factor tightens coverage and makes interceptions more likely.

Devin McCourty, Free Safety (89 OVR)

Age: 32

Development Trait: Star

Contract: 1 year/$13.4 million

2019 Cap Hit: $13.4 million

Best Stats: Zone Coverage (92), Speed (90), Acceleration (90), Play Recognition (90), Awareness (88), Pursuit (86), Man Coverage (85)

Devin McCourty was a first-round pick for the Patriots in 2010. Initially he started life as a cornerback and made 7 interceptions as a rookie, earning himself a spot in the Pro Bowl. After a tough sophomore year he started seeing snaps at free safety and soon converted to the position full time where he became a downfield eraser for the Patriots, prowling the deep zones and preventing opposing quarterbacks from finding open windows.

In Madden 20 McCourty is a strong zone safety (92), but he can man up (85) on a player if need be. He has good speed (90) and acceleration (90) to cover ground but his tackling (74) is not ideal.

Shaq Mason, Right Guard (88 OVR)

Age: 26

Development Trait: Star

Contract: 5 years/$43.6 million

2019 Cap Hit: $7.4 million

Best Stats: Run Block Power (92), Run Block (89), Lead Block (89), Awareness (89), Impact Block (88), Strength (87), Pass Block Power (87)

Shaq Mason was a fourth-round pick in 2015 for the Patriots and quickly slotted into the right guard spot as a rookie. In his second year he locked the spot down and has grown and improved ever since.

Mason is a strong run blocker (89) who’s strength (87) also shines through in pass protection (84).

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