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Madden 19: New York Giants Player Ratings, Roster, Depth Chart & Playbooks

The New York Giants won the Super Bowl in 2007 and 2011, but they haven't been a dominate force in the NFL. Since that 2011 triumph they have made the playoffs just once and were eliminated without winning a game. In 2017 the franchise bottomed out with a 3-13 record, sparking talk that they needed to move on from quarterback Eli Manning and turn the page on that chapter of the franchise. Instead, they went with running back Saquon Barkley in the first round, deciding to bring Manning back for another season. However, the clock is ticking on Manning's career, making the giants a tricky team to take over in franchise mode as you will soon need to find a new franchise quarterback to help lift more Lombardi trophies.

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*All stats correct at time of writing

Team Rating

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The New York Giants have a terrible 73 overall rating. This is the lowest rating in Madden 19, tied with the Arizona Cardinals. The bright spot in the Giants roster is the offense, which gets a bump to a 77 overall. This is worse than all but three teams, but the Giants offense does have a number of playmakers that can create yards with the ball in their hands. Defensively the Giants are a liability, getting a 73 rating which is the lowest in Madden 19. If you play a one-off game or franchise mode with the Giants, you will have a tough time picking up a win.


Odell Beckham Jr, Wide Receiver (OVR 96)

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Age: 25

Development Trait: Superstar


Contract: 6 years/$74.2 million

2018 Cap Hit: $11.1 million

Best Stats: Spectacular Catch (99), Agility (98), Catching (96), Short Route (96), Medium Route (96), Jumping (94), Deep Route (94), Speed (94)

Odell Beckham has been nothing short of phenomenal since the Giants drafted him 12th overall in 2014. He averaged 108.8 yards per game as a rookie and scored 35 touchdowns across his first three seasons. Beckham's 2017 season was cut short by injury, but when he's on the field he is among the best playmakers in the NFL. Beckham's incredible hands and impressive athleticism make him a nightmare for defenders, and his presence on the field opens up space elsewhere for the offense.

Saquon Barkley, Running Back (OVR 88)

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Age: 21


Development Trait: Superstar

Contract: 4 years/$31.2 million

2018 Cap Hit: $7.57 million

Best Stats: Agility (95), Juke Move (93), Acceleration (93), Speed (92), Break Tackle (91), Carrying (91), Spin Move (90)

The Giants selected Saquon Barkley second overall in the 2018 draft. Barkley had a wildly impressive college career at Penn State, rushing for 3,843 yards in three years at an average of 5.7 yards per carry. He scored 43 touchdowns on the ground and added another 1,195 yards and 8 touchdowns as a receiver. Barkley wowed at the Combine, registering 29 reps on the bench press, a 41 inch vertical jump, and a 4.40-second 40-yard dash.

Landon Collins, Strong Safety (OVR 84)

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Age: 24


Development Trait: Quick

Contract: 1 year/$1.48 million

2018 Cap Hit: $1.48 million

Best Stats: Acceleration (90), Hit Power (89), Speed (88), Pursuit (87), Play Recognition (82), Tackle (79), Zone Coverage (77)

The New York Giants selected Landon Collins in the second-round of the 2015 NFL draft. He was immediately plugged into the starting lineup and had a very strong rookie campaign. In his second year, Collins became one of the best safeties in the NFL, making his first Pro Bowl and earning a place in the First Team All-Pro thanks to 5 interceptions, 125 tackles, and 4 sacks. Since then his performance has dropped off a little, but he is still a do-it-all safety that can dominate the middle of the field.

Olivier Vernon, Outside Linebacker (OVR 83)

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Age: 27


Development Trait: Quick

Contract: 3 years/$51.3 million

2018 Cap Hit: $14.8 million

Best Stats: Acceleration (87), Awareness (86), Play Recognition (86), Power Moves (85), Strength (85), Tackle (84), Pursuit (84)

Olivier Vernon came into the NFL as a third-round pick with the Miami Dolphins in 2012. He didn't start a game until 2013, but he was an impactful pass rusher almost immediately for Miami. In 2013 he racked up 11.5 sacks, at which point offenses started paying him far more attention. In his last year with Miami in 2015 he had a career-high 36 QB hits and 18 tackles for loss, after which he signed a massive free agent deal to come to New York.

Full Roster & Depth Chart

QB OVR Speed Throw Power Short Accuracy Medium Accuracy Deep Accuracy Throw Under Pressure Play Action
Eli Manning7668898782787881
Kyle Lauletta7079908479767778
Alex Tanney5772868175676459
HB OVR Speed Agility Elusiveness Carrying Juke Move Catching
Saquon Barkley88929585919378
Jonathan Stewart79868876858458
Wayne Gallman Jr75898480848565
FB OVR Speed Strength Carrying Pass Block Run Block Lead Block Impact Block
Elijhaa Penny6881778164617352
WR OVR Speed Agility Catching Short Route Medium Route Deep Route Catch In Traffic Spectacular Catch Release Jumping
Odell Beckham Jr9694989696969491999294
Sterling Shepard8290938786848284857991
Russell Shepard7390908173757179757591
Bennie Fowler III7390868173757176847786
Cody Latimer7390887969726787867991
Corey Coleman7392928074767779857492
Jawill Davis6590808070686576786792
Quadree Henderson6389867572686376726679
TE OVR Speed Agility Catching Short Route Medium Route Deep Route Run Block
Evan Engram8590898277767559
Rhett Ellison7781738070665871
Scott Simonson6576687657524758
Garrett Dickerson6480777355494458
Zak DeOssie5279786350454056
OL OVR Speed Strength Pass Block Run Block Lead Block Impact Block
Will Hernandez79659579827789
Nate Solder78729077818782
Jamon Brown72708773768079
Spencer Pulley71698674747679
Jon Halapio70608577747675
John Greco69628872748079
Chad Wheeler67638072756769
Brian Mihalik65758268767372
Evan Brown62719368707477
Nick gates59577768707269
DE OVR Speed Agility Power Moves Finesse Moves Block Shedding
BJ Hill777368786680
Josh Mauro746569785775
Kerry Wynn737356765774
Mario Edwards Jr737871746575
RJ McIntosh677066677373
Kristjan Sokoli657774715074
DT OVR Speed Strength Power Moves Finesse Moves Block Shedding Impact Block
Dalvin Tomlinson83668878658582
John Jenkins72649277587385
OLB OVR Speed Agility Tackle Hit Power Play Recognition Pursuit Man Coverage Zone Coverage
Olivier Vernon838174847186845161
Lorenzo Carter748884807959826470
Kareem Martin738273777270765971
Connor Barwin738280797670766066
Jordan Williams587371727058732232
MLB OVR Speed Agility Tackle Hit Power Play Recognition Pursuit Man Coverage Zone Coverage
BJ Goodson738381858371825061
Alec Ogletree728487808882795260
Tae Davis668080797673785563
Nathan Stupar658276776964794859
Ukeme Eligwe648580828153795260
CB OVR Speed Acceleration Agility Man Coverage Zone Coverage Press
Janoris Jenkins82909295838083
BW Webb74879293767274
Grant Haley72919195757171
Tony Lippett71878887737780
Sam Beal70909286767377
Antonio Hamilton63909187687165
FS OVR Speed Acceleration Agility Play Recognition Man Coverage Zone Coverage
Curtis Riley73899187736773
Sean Chandler67848980626573
Kamrin Moore66879286547165
SS OVR Speed Acceleration Tackle Play Recognition Man Coverage Zone Coverage
Landon Collins84889079827177
Michael Thomas73868867746973
Kenny Ladler63839164536462
ST OVR Kick Power Kick Accuracy
Aldrick Rosas (K)849593
Riley Dixon (P)748879

The Giants roster is not without talent, but it does lack depth and quality at key positions. Eli Manning (89 throw power, 87 short accuracy) is still the quarterback and has his limits. However, there is brilliance around him. Odell Beckham Jr (99 spectacular catch, 96 short route) is one of the best playmakers in Madden 19 and Saquon Barkley (95 agility, 91 carrying) is as exciting a prospect at running back. At tight end you also have Evan Engram (91 acceleration, 86 spectacular catch) who can dominate interior coverage. The giants offensive line is not great, but they invested heavily in left tackle Nate Solder (90 strength, 77 pass block) in the offseason and drafted Will Hernandez (95 strength, 79 pass block) high so there is some strength there.


Defensively the roster gets more spotty. There is very little talent on the defensive line, with only Dalvin Tomlinson (88 strength, 85 block shedding) really able to put up a fight. Olivier Vernon (87 acceleration, 85 power moves) is the best edge rusher on the roster, and at linebacker only Alec Ogletree (89 acceleration, 88 hit power) has any experience. In the secondary there is some quality. Janoris Jenkins (95 agility, 83 man coverage) is a good cornerback and Landon Collins (90 acceleration, 88 speed) can still be an excellent safety, but this is another area of the team that needs help.

One nice bonus is that kicker Aldrick Rosas (95 kick power, 93 kick accuracy) is more than capable of hitting long field goals.

New York giants Playbook - Offense

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I Form Pro


I Form Slot Flex

I Form Tight

I Form Twin TE

Strong I Pro

Strong I Wing

Weak I Pro

Weak I Wing


Singleback Ace

Singleback Ace Pair

Singleback Ace Slot

Singleback Bunce Ace

Singleback Dice Slot

Singleback Wing Pair

Singleback Wing Slot


Singleback Wing Tight

Pistol Strong

Pistol Tight Slots

Shotgun Ace Offset 

Shotgun Bunch

Shotgun Doubles Offset

Shotgun Doubles Offset Wk


Shotgun Doubles Y Off Wk

Shotgun Eagle Trey

Shotgun Empty Base Flex

Shotgun Empty Bunch Wide

Shotgun Split Panther

Shotgun Stack Y Off Wk

Shotgun Trey


Shotgun Trey Y-Flex

Shotgun Y Off Trips Wk

Shotgun  Y Trips Wk

The New York Giants offensive playbook is a solid one to use. It has a nice balance between I formation plays, singleback and shotgun. You also get two Pistol formations, including the very nice Pistol Tight Slots that includes a PA Post Shot play. Within the shotgun sets you get Bunch and three empty formations. There is also Split Panther and Y Off Trips Wk which can really create angles to get Saquon Barkley in space. You also get Shotgun Trey Y-Flex which is one of our favorite formations in Madden 19.

New York giants Playbook - Defense

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3-4 Bear


3-4 Even

3-4 Odd

3-4 Over

3-4 Under

4-4 Split

Nickel Normal

Nickel 3-3-5


Nickel 2-4-5 Double A Gap

Big Nickel Over G

Dime 2-3-6

Quarter Normal

Quarter 3 Deep

Dollar 3-2-6

Goal Line Defense 5-3-3

Goal Line Defense 5-4-2

The New York Giants defensive playbook is a pretty good 3-4 one. You get 3-4 Bear thrown into the 5 base formations and also 4-4 Split which is among the best heavy formations in Madden 19. You don't get too many sub packages as you go further into the playbook, but the ability to use Nickel 3-3-5 and 2-4-5 Double A Gap will let you mix up looks against shotgun enough to not be predictable. The Dime, Quarter, & Dollar formations will provide the most coverage, but I would be loath to use them until you have strengthened New York's secondary considerably.