Madden 20: Dublin relocation guide + uniforms and team logos

We've got all the uniforms and logos for moving your NFL team to Dublin.

Relocation is hot in the NFL right now. The Rams left St. Louis for the razzmatazz of Los Angeles, the Chargers followed suit and moved up the coast, and then the Raiders made the choice to leave Oakland for Las Vegas. Now you too can move your favorite NFL franchise in Madden 19’s Franchise Mode.

Here is everything you need to know about moving your NFL team to Dublin.

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Dublin stats

Fan interest: 2/6

Market size: Decent

Personality: Laid back

There is a long historical connection between Ireland and the United States, but it doesn’t seem like the people of modern day Ireland are too enamored with the thought of a football team turning up on their door. Still, the market size is good enough that you shouldn’t struggle to fill a stadium, and they won’t get on your back too much if you lose too.

You have the choice between the Celtic Tigers, the Antlers, and the Shamrocks.

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Celtic Tigers

I'm not so sure about the name. I know they are a basketball team already, but what was wrong with just the Celtics? We're not sure there's even a tiger in the Dublin zoo, but here we are anyway. Let's take a look at their uniforms.

Celtic Tigers Uniforms

Black and green with various accents. It's a unique look for sure, but not necessarily a bad one. Style #1 has more about it, especially the road uniform as the accents stand out more, but none of these options really leap out at you.

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It has just as much fan support as Celtic Tigers, but rolls of the tongue a little better. The name still leaves a lot to be desired though. Let's take a look at the uniforms.

Antlers Uniforms

These are not pretty uniforms. The dull green and brown sap any life out of the designs, or lack of design in style #2.  The Antlers logo on the helmet is the one brilliant feature. It's a smart look that's similar in style to the Vikings horns and the Eagles wings.

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Does this cross the line for stereotyping? I'm not sure, but it doesn't feel quite right to use this one. Still, the logo is modern and has a Celtic knot feel as well. What do the uniforms look like?

Shamrocks Uniforms

The orange, green, and white colors make these uniforms all look like Miami Hurricanes alternates, especially style #1. That isn't a bad thing though. The uniforms all have some pop and spirit to them. Style #1 and style #3 are the best of any Dublin options. If you can handle the name, then go for the Shamrocks.

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