Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Master Set Guide

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*Updated 7th November*

Every year in August, droves of fans eagerly anticipate the next instalment of EA Sports Madden NFL game. One of the many reasons why is because of its various game modes, particularly Ultimate Team. The reason for that could be one of many, but for me it is partly due to the Sets.


Sets are a section of Ultimate Team that can give you exclusive items in exchange for your spare items and they are great motivation to work through Ultimate Team to complete as many Sets as possible.

One of those Sets is the Master Set, and as the name suggests, it is the Granddaddy of them all.

Within the Master set there are currently four Sub-Sets to complete, but more will be added every month as the season progresses, here are those four:

  • MUT Master
  • November Gauntlet
  • October Gauntlet
  • Gauntlet

The Gauntlet Sets only link to The Gauntlet Solo Challenges and are pretty straight forward and easy to complete. They each require 3 Gold Gauntlet Collectibles and reward you with an Elite Player. Gauntlet’s award is an 88 Overall Joe Haden, October Gauntlet’s is an 89 Overall Julius Peppers and November Gauntlet's award is a 90 Overall Philip Rivers. To get those Collectibles, all you need to do is complete all of the Gauntlet Solo Challenges, which isn’t as daunting as that may sound.

The main attraction of this Set, however, is the MUT Master. To complete it you need to add a total of 22 Items:

  • Master Ultimate Season Collectible earned by completing the 2015 Offense and Defense and Preseason sequences of Ultimate Season.
  • Master Man of the Month Collectible earned by earning any of the Man of the Month players in the Team Heroes Set.
  • Master Gauntlet Collectible earned from completing any of the Gauntlet Sub-Sets in the Master Set.
  • 8 Master Team Challenges Collectibles earned from completing any teams sequence in the Team Challenges Solo Challenge.
  • Master Events Collectible earned from completing the Events Master Sub-Set in the Competitive Set.
  • 10 Elite Badges which can be bought from the Auction House, earned from Packs or from Sub-Sets in the Earn Badges Set.

Once you have added all of these items, which will take a lot of time and dedication, you will earn a 500,000 Coin Quicksell item and a 95 Overall Rob Gronkowski. 500,000 Coins is enough to completely remodel you lineup or significantly upgrade it and the player reward is the best player in the entire MUT Database – he is an absolute beast.

In addition, you’ll have the knowledge that you are the MUT Master.

What do you think of this Set? Let us know in the comments!