25 Sep 2020 5:21 PM +00:00

Tyler1 announces 45 hour stream for Season 8

(Photo Credit: Riot Games)

Tyler1 broke records of all kinds in his return to streaming League of Legends on Twitch.tv. Dwarfing Faker's previous record of just over 200k viewers at one time, Tyler1 easily broke 400k. He had finally reformed in the eyes of Riot, and he was welcomed back with open PogChamps by the community at large.

Since then, Tyler1's Twitch stream has been putting up stunning numbers alongside his Youtube. And while he's reformed his in-game toxicity well beyond where anyone could've expected, he's just as toxic on the microphone as he's ever been, much to the joy of his viewers. He's retaken the League of Legends content creation throne, and along the way has posted numbers content creators and even entire leagues would kill for, all kicking off while dressed as his favorite perma-banned axe thrower Draven. 

Now it's just a matter of seeing how long he can keep his spot, both on Twitch and Youtube, as well as keeping his League of Legends name clean. The formerly banned player has for now curbed the inting, (at least the running it down mid kind,) and so we have high hopes he can stay around for awhile doing it. But thus far, it's only been preseason on the line. 

On Tuesday, January 16th, Tyler1 has announced that he will be doing a 45 hour stream to bring in Season 8. 

So with his credibility, his sanity, his health, and his reputation on the line, will Tyler1 be able to continue crushing and entertaining the League of Legends scene? Or will we all get to watch it come crumbling down across two days of being griefed?

Tuesday, January 16th will tell.


Tune in to the stream live on Twitch here, and you'll likely see many clips from it on Youtube soon after (at least the reformed parts.)

And as always, for all things League of Legends, even those formerly indefinitely banned, stay tuned to RealSport.

Will you be catching Tyler1's 45 hour stream? Let us know in the comments below!

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