25 Sep 2020 5:21 PM +00:00

TSM vs Golden Guardians: NA LCS Spring Split Week 3

(Image Credit: Freakk)

It's a strange thing for more than just TSM fans to call a Hai vs Bjergsen match a 'battle of the little teams,' but a game of two Davids is exactly what to expect this Saturday as the two bottom tabled organizations fight for some stability in the Spring Split.

The first two weeks of the NA LCS saw TSM go a disappointing 1-3 in their first four matches, while Golden Guardians felt a devastating 0% win rate which threw them straight to the bottom of the barrel. 

Fans of GGS will be happy to see some improvement from any of their players, though there are a few who will be expected to step up their game. Such as Contractz, who after one year of playing with C9 managed to help bring them to the quarter finals of worlds. After coming to the Guardians, Contractz was expected to use his sure-fire experience to prove a stable jungler for the team, but thus far has been just as inconsistent as top laner Lourlo. 

Another player in need of a confidence boost would be Hai, the assumed captain of the team. The veteran summoner hasn't really taken the role of 'leader' so much as he's assigned himself the duty of damage control. Proving to be useful, but not that much of a difference maker.

The bot lane is just as quiet as any other, not proving to be amazing, nor a hinderance. 

When it comes to TSM, there is hardly anything to separate the two teams in terms of performance. 


The main man himself, Bjergsen, mirrors Hai's solid-but-not-amazing game play as of late, opting to sit back whilst his team fumbles one lead after another. Top laner Hauntzer finds himself in poor form while Rookie jungler Mike Yeung continues to show his inexperience via poor late game decisions and a lack of commitment in performing his job competently.  

The bot lane, made up of European player mithy and Zven, are the two newest additions to the team and, according to TSM coach Ssongare the primary source of the communication issues the team is experiencing. 

Their showing has been similar to that of the Guardians duo lane, quiet and not that entertaining. I would say to not pay much attention to them this season, but its true that they could really turn the team's performances around if they found their stride (and communication.)

Whether or not said communication issues are resolved (or are just a made up excuse) remains to be seen, but only time will tell whether TSM are going to sink further into the hole they've dug for the past two weeks. So be sure to catch the game Saturday at 6pm, otherwise you run the risk of missing a certain NA LCS banner hoarder potentially sink further into a new-found low.

And isn't that the best part of League?

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