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TfT 11.2 Patch Notes: Release Date, Festival of Beasts, New Champions, New Traits, Battle Pass & more

The TeamFight Tactics 11.2 patch is coming fast with plenty of new content for players to feast on!

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From new champions to new traits, not forgetting a new battle pass, it is going to be a big one.

Release date

The 11.2 patch is expected to go live on the Thursday, 21 January after two weeks of testing, it will come with The Festival of Beasts, with 20 new champions, new traits, changes on the Sharpshooter, Vanguard, Brawler and more.

Plus, a fresh new battle pass will be included.

tristana 1
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NEW CHAMPIONS: Tristanas isone of the new ones!

20 new Champions coming with the Festival of Beasts

20 champions are going to be replaced by 20 new ones to start the year with a bang.

The Festival of Beasts will be Chinese New year themed with new Lunar Revel skins and new traits as well!

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FESTIVAL OF BEASTS: New champions are coming

Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass will cost 1295 RP and will be great to grind all the 45 tiers, with plenty of rewards.


Vanguard, Brawler, more changes

However, it is not all about new content.

Some traits are getting a "face-lift". Vanguard, Brawler and Sharpshooter are all getting some changes with the patch.

Best Sharpshooter Build Teamfight Tactics Team Comp Guide TFT Tips
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SHARPSHOOTER: Even more damage!

Vanguard will have Magic Resist available as a trait, Brawlers will be able to deal damage with attacks.


As for the Sharpshooters, they will be able to spread their damage more with 2/3/4 ricochets at 2/4/6 instead of 1/2/3.

Even though this means less damage, it also means more Teemo blinds and more mana-generating bounces.

Other changes include more mana from Enlightened while Cultist is getting a buff to entice people into going the whole hog and playing 9 Cultist instead of splashing in three.

Assassin, Duelist, Elderwood, Keeper, Mage, Mystic, and Spirit all got some modification as well.

Festival of Beasts Patch notes

New Champions

  • Aurelion Sol (4 cost Dragonsoul Mage)
  • Brand (1 cost Dragonsoul Mage)
  • Braum (2 cost Dragonsoul Vanguard)
  • Cho’Gath (4 cost Fabled Brawler)
  • Darius (3 cost Fortune Fabled)
  • Kayle (4 cost Divine Executioner)
  • Nasus (1 cost Divine Siphoner)
  • Nautilus (2 cost Fabled Vanguard)
  • Neeko (3 cost Fabled Mystic)
  • Olaf (4 cost Dragonsoul Slayer)
  • Ornn (5 cost Elderwood Vanguard Blacksmith)
  • Rakan (2 cost Elderwood Keeper)
  • Samira (5 cost Daredevil Sharpshooter Slayer)
  • Shyvana (3 cost Dragonsoul Brawler)
  • Sivir (3 cost Cultist Sharpshooter)
  • Swain (5 cost Dragonsoul Siphoner)
  • Tristana (1 cost Dragonsoul Sharpshooter)
  • Tryndamere (4 cost Warlord Duelist Slayer)
  • Vlad (2 cost Cultist Siphoner)
  • Xayah (4 cost Elderwood Keeper Executioner)

New Traits

  • Blacksmith: After a combat, Blacksmiths will begin forging an Artifact item. The higher their star-level, the faster they work. Once the Artifact is complete, it will be able to bestow upon an ally.
    • Champions: Ornn
  • Daredevil: Every other basic attack, Daredevils will acquire a new target. If that target is out of her range, she will dash towards them. With each attack on a new target, her Combo Rating will increase.
    • Champions: Samira
FoB CompMechanic Article
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NEW TRAITS: Theres is plenty of new traits for the Champions
  • Dragonsoul: On death, this blessing passes to the closest Dragonsoul ally. Active at 3/6/9 units.
    • Champions: Tristana, Brand, Braum, Shyvana, Olaf, Aurelion Sol, Swain
  • Executioner: Executioners’ basic attacks and spells always critically strike targets below a certain amount of health. Active at 2/3/4 units.
    • Champions: Kindred, Kayle, Xayah
  • Fabled: Fabled champions’ spells gain an additional effect. Active at three units.
    • Champions: Neeko, Cho’Gath, unknown
  • Slayer: Slayers gain Lifesteal that increases at lower Health, and deal bonus damage that increases based off their target’s missing Health. Active at 3/6 units.
    • Champions: Zed, Olaf, Samira, Tryndamere, Darius
  • Syphoner: All allies heal for some of the damage they deal with spells and attacks. Active at 2/4 units.
    • Champions: Nasus, Vladimir, Morgana, Swain

Changes from 11.1 patch


1 cost


  • Is now a Spirit Assassin
  • HP: Increase from 500 to 550
  • Spell Shield: Increase from 200/300/400 to 200/300/450
  • Spell Orbs: Increase from 4/5/6 to 4/5/7

2 cost


  • Is now a Cultist Assassin Slayer
  • Mana: Decrease from 75/125 to 60/120
  • Spell Damage: Decrease from 125/200/375 to 100/175/275


  • Is now a Ninja Slayer
  • AS: Increase from 0.75 to 0.8

3 cost


  • Is now a Spirit Executioner


  • Mana: Increase from 0/55 to 30/70
  • Attack Speed: Increase from 0.6 to 0.65

4 cost


  • Spell Damage: Increase from 250/450/1250 to 350/550/1500


  • Is now an Enlightened Syphoner
  • Spell does not heal Morgana for a portion of the damage dealt. Instead reduces enemy AD by a percentage.

5 cost


  • Knock Up Duration: Descrease from 2 to 1.5 sec
  • Slow Duration: Decrease from 4 to 3

Lee Sin

  • Spell Damage: Increase from 250/450/1000 to 200/375/1000


  • Armor and MR Reduction: Decrease from 60% to 40%



  • Critical Strike Damage: Decrease from 30/60/90 to 25/60/120


  • Now additionally grants 20/50/100/200 bonus AD to the Brawlers


  • Galio Health: Decrease from 800/1400/2000 to 800/1325/2000
  • Galio AD: Increase from 75/160/280 to 80/175/330
  • Galio Star Multiplier: Increase from 14% to 16%


  • Attack Speed per Stack: Increase from 12/20/35/60 to 12/20/40/60


  • Armor & MR Per Stack: Decrease from 20/30/40 to 15/25/40


  • Mana Bonus: Increase from 50/70/100% to 50/100/150%


  • Shield: Decrease from 150/225/350 to 125/200/250


  • Reworked from 3/6/9 breakpoints to 3/5/7
    • Mage (3): 80% of spellpower
    • Mage (5): 100% of spellpower
    • Mage (7): 150% of spellpower


  • MR Bonus: Increase from 40/100/200 to 40/120/300


  • Number of Bounces: Increase from 1/2/3 to 2/3/4
  • Damage Reduction per Bounce: Decrease from 55/50/45% to 65/50/35%


  • Rework: Spirit will now grant flat attack speed the first time a Spirit unit casts
    • Spirit (2): 20% Attack Speed
    • Spirit (4): 35% Attack Speed
  • Chosen Spirit champions grant double the attack speed


  • Now additionally grants 20/40/70/100 Magic Resist to the Vanguards


  • Giantslayer Max Damage: Decrease from 90% to 80%
  • Hextech Gunblade Max Shield: Decrease from 400 to 300
  • Hurricane Bonus Damage: Decrease from 90% to 80%