25 Sep 2020 5:21 PM +00:00

Super League Gaming: Interview with CEO Ann Hand

Although most of the attention for a sport lies in its professional scene, the love people have for it comes from the ability to experience the game within a local community and create real, in-person relationships through a shared interest. 

This isn't necessarily the case from League of Legends, though, as the eSport is almost entirely played through the internet. RealSport spoke with Super League Gaming CEO Ann Hand who aims to change that.

RealSport: How would you describe Super League Gaming to someone who follows eSports, but is unfamiliar with SLG?

Ann Hand: Super League is to eSports what the club/intramural ecosystem is to traditional sports. We're creating the opportunity for grass roots competitors to grow and thrive in a meaningful and truly competitive real life environment.

RS: What does SLG bring to the LoL community?

AH: Ultimately the opportunity for amateur competitors to access meaningful, national and local competition. With that said, League of Legends is an incredible game but for too many players it represents an experience that exists almost entirely online, without much opportunity for offline connection to an IRL community. The chance at frequent, reliable and high quality in-person competitive and community experiences is something that far too few players are exposed to. Super League aims to fix that.

RS: Does SLG act as an outlet for amateurs looking to go pro, or is it just for fun?


AH: The chance for a Super League competitor to go pro is very real. Does that  mean the entire Team A lineup of the LA Shockwaves will be knocking on  TSM's door soon? Probably not, but the opportunity to prove yourself in a live competitive environment with teammates to your left and right is something that, at least in the past, was hard to come by. Combining those opportunities with Super League's continued collaboration with groups like Riot Games could make that path more clear overtime, but at the end of the day an amazing player is an amazing player regardless of where they get their start.

RS: For someone looking to get involved, what’s required to sign up for a season of League of Legends competition?

AH: As long as you live within driving distance of one of our gaming arenas,  all you need is a level 30+ League of Legends account with at least 20 champions unlocked and a laptop capable of playing League of Legends over wifi at the event.

RS: Could you explain the format SLG uses and how one makes it onto a theater team? Are there different skill levels for each team?

AH: Better yet, here's a video that walks through the entire process!

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