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League Of Legends

12 Sep 2018

Season 8 punished adaptation

Season 8 punished adaptation

Adptation was always considered a vital part of being a pro gamer. But season 8 turned this narrative on its head with a string of very confusing balance changes.

Image Credit: Riot Games

Adaptation is vital in pro play. Whether you’re talking about a team tailoring its playstyle to the current state of the meta or a player fine-tuning his champion pool to fit his role on the above-mentioned team, it’s generally accepted that adaptation should be a key part of their skill sets. After all, League of Legends is an ever-evolving game and everyone who wants to play it competitively has to keep up with the times. 

But what if that was no longer the case? What if the most important part of season 8 actually punished teams who tried to adapt while rewarding everyone who decided to wait out the storm playstyle? To anyone that follows competitive League of Legends, this scenario would seem absurd. And yet, that’s exactly what happened in the 2018 Summer Split.