Star Guardian Event 2022: Riot's Affiliate Product Supports Content Creators

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Riot Games released an announcement detailing a new affiliate product for League of Legends content creators. Streamers and Youtubers will be able to gain affiliate links for Riot products and gain income through purchases.

Content creators have always had a gripe with Riot Games. Feeling like they aren't supported enough, they feel left out of the community. However, Riot is seeking to change this mindset by showing support from the voices at the company.

This is the first step in cementing the bond between creators and Riot and should establish a good working relationship. Let's find out more here.

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What is the Riot affiliate product?

The product proposed by Riot will ensure that content creators aren't given the cold shoulder. People with an affiliate link (partners) will be able to promote content from League of Legends. Such as events like Star Guardians 2022 or new skin releases.


The partners get a choice on what they would like to promote and players can shop with their unique link. A portion of each purchase will go directly to the partner which is a brilliant way to earn that income.

When will this product be available?

Right now, the product is currently in the testing stage. Creators have been invited to test this using the Star Guardian event as an example. If the testing comes out successful then this could be a long-term help.


For the testing period, partners will earn 5-10% of the money from players' purchases. However, this varies with which skin is bought.


Additionally, the dates for the testing period have been confirmed. This phase will run from July 14 at 1 PM PT to August 9.