LEC 2023 Season Finals: Schedule, format, where to watch & more

LEC 2023 Season Finals
Credit: EarlyGame

LEC 2023 Season Finals
Credit: EarlyGame

The LEC season is coming to an end, and everything climaxes at the LEC 2023 Season Finals. It's the most important event of the Europen competitive Lol season. That's because it will crown the LEC 2023 champion, and decide which fourth teams will qualify for Worlds.

LoL fans from all over the world will have their eyes set on this event. It gathers the six best teams Europe has to offer, and the stakes are insanely high. So, we can expect some great games, spectacular plays, and an incredible crowd.

Without further ado, let's find out everything about the LEC 2023 Season Finals.

LEC 2023 Season Finals schedule

The LEC 2023 Season Finals start on 19 August and end on 10 September, with the event taking place in two venues.

LEC Summer Split Champions
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Will G2 Esports also claim the LEC 2023 Season Finals trophy?

In the first and second rounds, as well as in the winner's bracket semifinal, the matches will happen in the LEC Studio. After that, all the remaining games will occur in the Sud de France Arena, which is located in Montpellier, France.


The LEC 2023 Season Finals have a double elimination bracket, with the teams being seeded according to their championship points. G2 Esports, who is the first seed, choose between the 3rd and the 4th seed team as their Round 1 opponents.

LEC 2023 Season Finals Stage
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Credit: Em Dash Esports

All the matches will be best-of-five, with the three best teams qualifying for the prestigious 2023 World Championship.

The fourth-placed team will qualify for the 2023 Worlds Qualifying Series, an event that will put the fourth-best team from the LEC and LCS head-to-head. The winner will guarantee a spot at Worlds.

LEC 2023 Season Finals teams

As mentioned above, six teams will participate in the LEC 2023 Season Finals. These teams qualified for the event by championship points, points they won throughout the three LEC 2023 splits.

These six teams are the best Europe has to offer, so fans can expect some great matches and astonishing plays. It will also be a great way to see how European teams are performing ahead of Worlds, which is the most important tournament of the year.

LEC G2 Esports
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Credit: ONE Esports

Many fans see G2 Esports as the only European hope internationally. So, a strong performance by them would give European fans some hope for Worlds.

Here are all the teams that will be attending the LEC 2023 Season Finals:

G2 Esports
MAD Lions
Team BDS
SK Gaming

Where to watch

There are plenty of ways to watch the LEC 2023 Season Finals. The official LEC YouTube and Twitch channels are the two main options. However, many European countries have their own official broadcast. This allows fans that don't have English as their first language a way to enjoy the spectacle of the LEC.

LEC 2023 co-streamers
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Credit: CWARD
We expect these organizations to co-streamers the LEC 2023 Season Finals.

Plenty of content creators, such as Ibai, will also co-stream the event. This provides fans with a more casual and unique way to watch the tournament

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