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New Champion Hinted in League of Legends Teaser Trailer

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There have been official updates for Nilah, the newest champion in League of Legends due to join the other 160 on the Rift.

Whilst League of Legends players are still getting accustomed to the recent durability update and Bel'Veth, Riot are preparing to release a new ADC.

There have previously been leaks for her but now an official trailer has been released. Although not directly referenced to be Nilah, the theme of water is heavily implied as is with Nilah. It seems that this can only be a trailer for Nilah.

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The trailer for the new League of Legends champion

The trailer is an extremely short Instagram clip posted to the official League of Legends Instagram account. It simply shows a shadowy wreck of a Bilgewater boat where a shadowy figure walks past.

Nilah destroys an oyster bar
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What's interesting to note is the glow underneath the feet of the water-walking champion. It links very well with the art released by Riot which showed glowing slashes across an oyster bar. These two pieces of art are definitely tied.

The figure has a short bob haircut and looks female-identifying with her body proportions. Whilst this trailer has not been confirmed to be Nilah, it fits with the other teasers that have been announced for League of Legends so far.


Nilah has been speculated to be a melee ADC champion who will join the Rift. This is still unconfirmed in what feels like the biggest lead-up to a League of Legends champion yet.

Potential Design of Nilah
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Summoners are on the edge of their seat as they wait for the champion who may make melee ADCs popular again.

Release Date

Her release date is thought to tie up with the release of the new star guardian skins. This will be around patch 12.13 which is due for release on July 13. However, this isn't confirmed by Riot, so really we have no idea.

Until the release date of Nilah, there is no solid evidence, and even the evidence we have for her isn't directly linked.

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