*UPDATED* LoL New Champions: Release Date, Names, Details, and More

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Riot Games recently revealed some new champions coming to the League of Legends line-up. Three new champions were announced by Riot through a Preseason 2023 trailer.

The exciting news is great considering Riot has announced a limit for champions release. However, it does bring us a step closer to not seeing any new champions. But, these new champions are building on some forgotten lands in Runeterra. Things are looking up!

So, let's take a look at what information we have for these newly revealed champions.

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*UPDATED* Speculated date for K'Sante PBE release

K'Sante has now had some speculation about his release date for both the PBE and the live game.

The champion will be coming very soon, so expect some more information and details about him soon.

Read more about the PBE release date details for K'Sante here.

What new League of Legends champions will be released?

The three new champions released all come from vastly different areas in Runterra. They also cover a variety of League of Legends positions which should keep everyone happy.

League of Legends new darkin assassin
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The champions to be released are...

  • Shuriman Tank Top-laner - K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah
  • Darkin Assassin
  • Ixtal Enchanter Support

It's great to see more Darkin champions added to the League of Legends roster. With only three out of the 160 champions, it feels like a piece of lore that can be developed nicely. Having another Ixtal champion is always a win for lore too.

When will the champions be released?

The exact release date for these champions has not yet been released. Riot is known for releasing champions when they feel 100% ready to. So, we should be keeping our eyes open around the preseason 2023. But until we have some more solid information, we can only guess.

What order will the champions be released in?

K'Sante will be the first of the three new champions to be released. Next, we will see an Aurelion Sol and Ahri rework. After that, we'll get the Ixtali enchanter and then the Darkin Assassin.

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