League of Legends History: What is Ixtal and Which Champions Come From There?

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Ixtal is the place to be for those who want to get in touch with nature in the League of Legends universe. Full of elementalists, Ixtal is the perfect escape from the chaos in other regions.

Ixtal is a never-ending way of life. The people there have survived for many years. Through the Void, Ruination, and various wars, Ixtal has used nature as a shield from these evils. They view other regions as starters and nothing in comparison to their rich history.

However, let's take a look at the deeply historical region of Ixtal and who helped to form it.

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Ixtal history

The Shuriman jungles beyond the desert wastes remain shrouded in mystery. This Ixtal region from League of Legends is one of pure natural energy. The people of Ixtal harness this to raise powerful elemental people.

The sophisticated arcology city of Ixaocan remains mostly free of outside influence. Wars and natural disasters have not touched this hidden natural gem. However, the endemic life in the area can be powerful foes to the region. From basilisks to dragons, it's a dangerous world out there.

Although this area has been painted as nothing but a natural wonder, the architecture is gorgeous. Palaces and large structures stick out from the bustle of the jungle floor with pure white power.

Ixtal champions

Malphite - The rock creature, Malphite, was crafted from the monolith inside Ixtal. His studies of the elemental balances in Runeterra are to ensure a stable world.

Malphite from League of Legends
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Neeko - Neeko is from a lost tribe of Vastaya. Blending in is her specialty as she takes the form of other champions. Her primordial spirit magic is strong as her ancestors flow through her.

Neeko from League of Legends
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Nidalee - Nidalee is a champion tracker who was raised in the deepest jungle. She places traps to paralyse her enemies and then pounces as she transforms into a cougar.

Nidalee from League of Legends
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Qiyana - Qiyana is last in line to overtake her parents throne. And she isn't happy about it. The jungle city of Ixaocan is where she was raised and she harnesses the elemental power to help her fight in the League of Legends.

iyana from League of Legends
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Rengar - Rengar is a Vastayan trophy hunter who lives for the kill. Tracking and killing dangerous creatures is his passion. He has a particular hatred for the Void creature Kha'Zix who scratched out his eye.

Rengar from League of Legends
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Zyra - Zyra is the wrath of nature, given a female form. The mortals in Runeterra are viewed by her as mere prey for her seed children. Zyra wanders Runeterra, desperate to colonise.

Zyra from League of Legends
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Other linked champions

Ezreal - Ezreal had a run-in with Neeko when trying to steal the Elixir of Ulola.

Kha'Zix - Kha roamed the jungle where he found Rengar and got into a scrap. This led to Rengar's eye loss which has left him permanently enraged.


Shyvana - Shyvana's heritage is set in the Ixtal region. Her mother Yva comes from the Shuriman jungle.

Zilean - Zilean harnessed his elemental powers as he studied under Yun of Ixtal.

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