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League Of Legends

24 Jan 2019

6 Western pros that could've kept going

6 Western pros that could've kept going

Some League of Legends players simply step down too soon. We look at 6 of the best Western pros that could have kept going... but didn't.

(Image Credit: Riot Games)

For most League of Legends pros, retirement feels almost natural. At some point, their skill deteriorates and they can no longer keep up with the new blood, so stepping away from the spotlight becomes a logical conclusion to their careers. But there are exceptions. 

Some pros are so adept at their craft that their decision to retire seemingly comes out of the blue. And while many of them have already achieved greatness, the fact that they choose to stop without pursuing new heights leaves thousands of fans scratching their heads and contemplating various “what ifs”. These players are walking enigmas, as so many parts of their stories tend to be shrouded in mystery. It's these players that we’re going to focus on in our list of 6 Western pros that could have kept going… but didn’t.