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2018 Mid-Season Invitational: Schedule released

Play-in stage

Round One

  Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four
Game One (1pm CEST)Gambit Esports vs Kaos Latin GamersBAUSuperMassiveeSports vs Dire WolvesAscension Gaming vs Gambit EsportsPENTAGRAM vs BAUSuperMassiveeSports
Game Two (2pm CEST)Rainbow7 vs Ascension GamingKaBuM! e-Sports vs PENTAGRAMKaos Latin Gamers vs Rainbow7Dire Wolves vs KaBuM! e-Sports
Game Three (3pm CEST)Gambit Esports vs Ascension GamingBAUSuperMassiveeSports vs PENTAGRAMAscension Gaming vs Rainbow7PENTAGRAM vs KaBuM! e-Sports
Game Four (4pm CEST)Rainbow7 vs Kaos Latin GamersKaBuM! e-Sports vs Dire WolvesKaos Latin Gamers vs Gambit EsportsDire Wolves vs BAUSuperMassive eSports
Game Five (5pm CEST)Kaos Latin Gamers vs Ascension GamingDire Wolves vs PENTAGRAMGambit Esports vs Rainbow7BAUSuperMassive eSports vs KaBuM! e-Sports
Game Six  (6pm CEST)Rainbow7 vs Gambit EsportsKaBuM! e-Sports vs BAUSuperMassive eSportsAscension Gaming vs Kaos Latin GamersPENTAGRAM vs Dire Wolves

Round Two

Group Stage

  Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five
Game One (11am CES)Fnatic vs TBCKING-ZONE DragonX vs FnaticTBC vs Team LiquidKING-ZONE DragonX vs TBCFnatic vs KING-ZONE DragonX
Game Two (12pm CEST)TBC vs TBCTBC vs TBCTBC vs FnaticFnatic vs TBCTBC vs TBC
Game Three (1pm CEST)KING-ZONE DragonX vs Team LiquidTeam Liquid vs TBCKING-ZONE DragonX vs TBCTBC vs Team LiquidTBC vs Team Liquid
Game Four (2pm CEST)TBC vs FnaticTBC vs KING-ZONE DragonXTBC vs FnaticTBC vs TBCFnatic vs TBC
Game Five (3pm CEST)Team Liquid vs TBCTBC vs TBCTBC vs TBCKING-ZONE DragonX vs TBCTBC vs KING-ZONE DragonX
Game Six (4pm CEST)TBC vs KING-ZONE DragonXFnatic vs Team LiquidTeam Liquid vs KING-ZONE DragonXTeam Liquid vs FnaticTeam Liquid vs TBC
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