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2018 EU LCS Spring Split week 7: H2k vs Misfits

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After a huge week six in the EU LCS, expectations are high for all EU LCS teams. And with just three weeks of games left to go, any team could make it to the playoffs, given a recent resurgence in performance from Unicorns of Love and H2k at the bottom of the leader board.

The game between H2k and Misfits will take place on Saturday 3rd March during day two’s set of games. A win for either team would help their chances for a place in the playoffs, and pressure will be on for both teams to perform on the day.

H2k could still reach playoffs

H2k have faced huge difficulties during this Spring Split, and after five weeks of games they found themselves towards the bottom of the EU LCS leader board. 

However, with a revamped roster in the form of midlaner Selfie and jungler Shook, H2k have put on great performances during weeks five and six, winning both their games in week five, and with it they have revitalised their team’s hopes of a play off place.

Although H2k lost against Fnatic during day one of week six, H2k still put on a show, and produced one of the most incredible turnaround victories in their day two game against Giants Gaming. 


Giants were ahead throughout the entire game, starting when Steeelback on Kalista took a double kill onto promisq and Sheriff in bot lane at just 3:55. However, H2k stalled the game out, with Shook securing a notable Baron steal against all odds at 31:45 minutes. 

The game changing moment came at 50 minutes in, when Giants pressed their Baron buff, combined with Taric’s ult, to takedown H2k’s nexus. H2k’s nexus was falling rapidly, however Sheriff pulled out an insane clutch play to pick up a Quadra kill on Xayah for an ace. As Giants’s death timers were so long, it gave Selfie the chance to TP into top lane and he took down Giant’s nexus single handed, and with it H2k secured one of the most shocking wins all Spring Split. You can watch footage of both the Baron steal and the win on The Penta – Episode 6.

Hopes will be high that H2k will deliver similar results when they face off against Misfits in week seven.

Misfits need to improve their late game

Misfits have hovered around the middle of the standings for a few weeks, and their win-loss record stands at an even six wins and six losses. Week six was a typical week for Misfits in that regard, having lost their first game of week six against FC Schalke 04, only to win their day two match against a faltering Vitality.

During their game against FC Schalke 04, Misfits had everything going for them in the early game, and even secured an early Baron at 23:28. However, despite their early and mid-game advantages, one poor team fight from Misfits at 27:50 saw the game turn in FC Schalke 04’s favour. 

Misfits have been criticised this Spring Split for struggling to capitalise on their early leads, and this game was a perfect example. Upset also had a good showing for FC Schalke 04, taking a KDA of 5/0/3 on Tristana by the end of the 37:38 minute long match, however Misfits were left wondering where it all went wrong.

However, Misfits’s fortunes changed when they faced Vitality on day two. The game got off to a slow start in terms of kills, with first blood arriving at 14:40 during a fight in mid-lane when Minitroupax took out Maxlore. From then on, team fights were abound, with Misfits’s draft taking the advantage in almost every engage. Sencux had an incredible game on Zoe, finishing with a K/D/A of 7/0/10. Alphari also had an insane performance on Camille, taking a triple kill at 24:27 and a double kill ten minutes after. At 36:25, Misfits took out Vitality’s nexus, and with it kept their hopes of a play offs place alive.

The pressure will be on for both Misfits and H2k when they face each other in week seven. H2k and Misfits will be the third match on Saturday 3rd March. Coverage of all Saturday’s games will start at 5pm CET, which you can watch on the LoL Esports YouTube channel.

Who do you think will win, H2k or Misfits? Let us know in the comments below!

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