Indie World - Start date, Games, Nintendo direct and more

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Great news for Nintendo Switch fans as loads of new games are dropping in on Indie World.

Indie World is a place to discover top-quality games from independent developers. They cover a wide range of genres and have some cracking titles available.

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Let's take a closer looks at the lineup!


Blue Fire

The trailer for 3D action-platformer, Blue Fire looks intense!

Visually unique and atmospheric, expect to combine timing, skill and patience if you're going get through this challenge.



Baldo looks like it combines everything from Lord of The Rings and Spirited Away to Zelda and Uncharted.

An action-adventure RPG, Baldo looks fantastic on the Switch. Check out the trailer for what looks like a real knockout of a game.


I Am Dead

You explore a town called Shelmerston, which holds some ancient mysteries, as the owner of a very special museum.

The twist're actually dead.

We can't wait to find out how this unfolds!



Team up with your family to m(e)ow down the opposition, in this fun arcade style shooter.

Play as your favourite critter, each with their own distinct power to slay wave after wave of incoming foes!



Cyanide & Happiness are responsible for creating some hilarious, albeit super weird content, which range from online comics, YouTube videos and now interactive games.

Intriguing and somewhat unsettling!


Summer in Mara

This game may be everything you need right now. A beautiful tropical setting with the freedom to cultivate, explore and partake in what looks like a pretty emotional story.


Quantum League

The trailer does a good job of explaining how this competitive shooter works.


In short, you get to rewind time and play alongside your past selves to change the outcome of the battle.

Slightly complicated, but looks fun!

The Good Life

Commandeer a sheep and set about solving a mystery in this self proclaimed unique and bizarre game like no other!


The Last Campfire

The Last Campfire showcases the adventure and story of a lost ember searching for meaning and a way home.

If the trailer is anything to go by, expect some heart-wrenching moments!


PixelJunk Eden 2

A visually and auditory sensory experience - play as a 'Grimp' on its journey to save its friends and restore their gardens, while levels change in real time based on your actions.



A huge single-player campaign, online multiplayer with competitive and cooperative modes.

Looks like Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering has even given it the thumbs up!


Blair Witch

Take the horror of the Blair Witch project with you wherever you go!

Looks seriously scary and available to play this Summer.


Ghost of a Tale

The Witcher meets Ratatouille in this fantasy action-adventure.

Play as a heroic mouse as you explore, sneak and fight your way to find your true love!


Sky: Children of the Light

Sky is making the leap from mobile to Switch and fans couldn't be happier!


Sky Racket

A self declared mashup of block breakers and shoot 'em ups, Sky Racket will have you flying over crazy worlds filled with amazing colours...armed with a tennis racket.



Create your own nature reserve in this relaxing strategy game.


Dicey Dungeons

A fun take on a traditional dungeon style game, 'let the good times roll' and defeat Lady Luck!


Bounty Battle

Over 20+ fighters in this indie brawler to pick from, with some seriously damaging moves!


Moving Out

Play solo or co-op in the game which takes all the fun parts of moving out, and puts them in one incredible game!

That's all we have for now, but be sure to keep checking in for the latest releases!

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