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Genshin Impact White Iron Chunk Locations: White Iron Chunk farms, how to get White Iron Chunks & more!

Genshin Impact brings a sprawling open-world adventure full of interesting characters and fun quests.

White Iron Chunks become an invaluable resource in the later stages of the game, and you can never really have enough!

Where are the best places to get them?

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Genshin Impact Mining

To get White Iron you need to go mining.

White Iron Chunks are gained by destroying ore that spawns throughout Teyvat. You can generally spot ore by using your Elemental Sight. All ore will glow orange while elemental sight remains active.

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WHITE IRON ORE: This is what you're looking for!

Ore is mined by attacking it. Using a claymore, Zhongli's shield ability, or Ningguang is the fastest way to do it, so make sure to take a claymore wielder, Zhongli, or Ningguang when mining.


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White Iron Chunks have a stoney grey exterior and are box-shaped. This distinguishes them from Crystal Chunks, which are also useful so don't just discard them!

Genshin Impact White Iron Chunks farming locations

So where can you find some White Iron Chunks? Just about everywhere in Teyvat, so let's go exploring!

Spiral Abyss

You can find a good haul of White Iron Chunks here, but you'll need to unlock the location, which is in Mondstadt's southeast region.

Fast travel here and you'll find easily accessible Chunks ready to be mined.

Mt. Aozang

Get your climbing boots ready!

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HERE: Just in case you weren't sure...

If you can reach the cloud Adeptus' area at the peak, you'll find around eight spawn points for White Iron Chunks. 



Head to the Wolvendom waypoint closest to the shore, then go southeast.

You'll immediately spot a massive bolder that's got mineable White Iron Chunks.

There are six total pieces of White Iron ore to find here, allowing you to earn up to 18 White Iron Chunks.

Stormbearer Mountains

Select the Teleportation point that's located north of Starfell Lake's statue of the seven. Once you spawn, head east.

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VALBERRY: Of course ore is found near mountains!

You'll find a massive rock formation similar to the one in Wolvendom.

This one will hold five minable White Iron ore. This can yield up to 15 White Iron Chunks.


Liyue Harbor

If all that isn't enough, you can buy White Iron Chunks in Liyue Harbor. There's a vendor named Shitou that sells them a little north of the alchemy booth.

You can get 10 pieces at a time, and the stock refills every three days.


You'll need to be at least Adventure Rank 14 to use this exploit, but once you are these Expeditions are a great way to passively get White Iron Chunks.

Once you are AR 14, Expeditions are available at the Adventurer's Guild. This lets you send characters that aren't in your party away, when they come back they'll have great rewards for you.

The eight-hour expeditions at Whispering Woods, Dadaupa Gorge, and Yaoguang Shoal will yield good White Iron Chunks while you are off mining somewhere else!

What can you make with it?

Genshin Impact Ayaka with Amenoma Kageuchi
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AYAKA: The Amenoma Kageuchi is excellent for her

White Iron Chunks are vital for a wide variety of weapons, including:


There is also a slew of furnishings that require White Iron Chunks, so it is always best to have as many on hand as possible.

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