Genshin Impact: Unreconciled Stars Guide - Save Teyvat, How to get Fischl & more!

The latest event in Genshin Impact is Unreconciled Stars, as the game goes from strength to strength.

It tasks you with completing a number of objectives, which will all be covered in this guide.

Having to save people from a mysterious sleeping disease is a tough ask, so we're here to help.

Let's jump into our guide for the Unreconciled Stars event in Genshin Impact!

What is the event?

Firstly, to find the event, go to the events tab in the main menu, find the event, and read the event details.

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NEW EVENT: Unreconciled Stars is now in Genshin Impact!

It is important to note that you need to be Adventure Rank 20 or higher to take part.

The event is available until November 30, but items can be claimed in the event shop until December 6.

How to complete the event

The event has three phases. 'Unknown Star' is the first phase, and is unlocked already.

The next stage starts on November 18 and is 'Star of Deceitful Dreams' and the final stage is 'Star of Destiny' on November 23.

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When you click a phase to start it, you will receive challenges and quests.

When you complete these you will be rewarded with 'Fading Star's Might' and 'Fading Star's Essence'.

Characters with damage boost

A number of characters are receiving damage boosts during this event.

This boost is 60%, so you may want to add some of them to your star studded lineup.

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LISA: Lisa is one of the characters with a damage boost

The characters are as follows:

  • Electro: Fischl, Lisa, and Beidou
  • Geo: Ningguang and Noelle
  • Hydro: Tartaglia and Mona
  • Cryo: Chongyun
  • Pyro: Xiangling

How to get Fischl

The main reward from this is the Electro character Fischl.

For players who already have her unlocked, you will receive Contellation material instead.

To unlock her you'll need to:

  • Complete ‘Star of Destiny’. This is the third Phase of the event.
  • Complete the ‘Meteorite Remains Salvage’ challenge 14 times. This will be unlocked in Phase 2.
  • Complete the ‘Fallen Star’ challenge 7 times. This will be unlocked in Phase 3.

Other rewards

You don't have to buy Fischl however.

If you want, you can spend your Might or Essence on Character and Talent level up materials.

There are even plenty of Primogems and Mora to be collected, helping you progress outside of the quest even further.

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FISCHL: You don't have to purchase Fischl

Finally, collect your Battle Pass rewards! Two more challenges are added in this period.

These are the salvage 18 Meteorite Remains and salvage 6 Meteorite cores.

How to collect Fading Stars

On the event page click on 'Unknown Star' and accept the quest.

You will start by speaking with Adventurer's Guild's Katheryne in Mondstadt.

This triggers the initial cutscene which introduces Fischl and the meteorie showers.

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FADING STARS: This is Might, and is more valuable than Essence

Next, head to Spring Vale and talk to the three people watching the sleeping illness victims.

Once you've done that, head South, and save Allan from slimes. You should collect two pieces of meteorite here.

Finally, return to the sleeping illness victims and talk to the nun, this should unlock Unknown Star - Overture.

You can now salvage Fading Star's Might.

Unknown Star - Overture

To complete this you need to do three challenges.

To do this, go to the indicated area and collect seven meteorites. Doing this rewards you with 30 primogems, 20,000 more, and each meteorite counts as one Fading Star's Might.

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To find them, you can simply fast travel to the area and blue circles will pop up on your map, each one indicating a meteorite.

You only need 7 per area, but if you collect more you can spend them in the event shop!

How to complete Meteorite Remains Salvage

On November 18, Phase 2 of the event will start.

Genshin Impact Meteorite Shard
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SHARDS: This is what Shards will look like on the ground

You need to complete 'The Crisis Deepens' quest to unlock the Meteorite Remains Salvage challenge.

With a time limit, you now need to advance your Salvage Process by defeating enemies.

Once the bar is full, you've completed the meteorite salvage process!

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It is important to note that you can select your own difficulty, and you'll be rewarded with 15, 20, or 25 Fading Star's Might.

When collecting the reward, it costs 20 Original Resin, although failing the challenge is free!

How to complete the Fallen Star challenge

Completing the 'What the Skies Conceal, the Water reveals' quest will unlock Phase 3 on November 23.

genshin impact meteorite shard map
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SHARD MAP: This map is a guide to the locations of the shards in Genshin Impact

The goal is to collect Celestial Energy which is released by defeating monsters.

You can do this in either co-op or single player!

The abilities Heroic Starburst and Fecund Starburst will occur randomly.

Meteoric Wave

For each phase you unlock, you will also unlock three additional quests.

You can find these in the bottom-left corner of your event page, and clicking them will make them appear in your Journal.

You simply have to travel Mondstadt and defeat enemies for some awesome extra rewards!

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