Genshin Impact 2.3 Christmas Cult Explained

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Genshin Impact 2.3 revealed the game is coming back to Dragonspine. The beautiful but dangerous region is the ideal scenario for the upcoming holidays, cover with ice and snow, it is like Christmas in the air.

With this in mind, the Genshin Impact community in Tiktok start a Christmas Cult, the trend is taking social media by storm.

What is Christmas Cult?

The word Cult in most cases has a very negative meaning, but do not worry the Christmas Cult is far beyond that.

Cult in Tiktok

Tiktoks Cult are trends where people join groups by changing their profile picture with a specific topic.

In order to join a Cult, users have to find out the type of picture they are using to modify their profile. Finding the image normally will lead to the people behind it.

Tiktoks Cult are new and this group can take negative routes when leaders ask to raid other communities. However, in the case of Genshin Impact Christmas Cult is all about fun and getting together.

Genshin Impact Christmas Cult

Last year Genshin Impact Holiday celebrations consisted of people sharing their Cosplays from characters of Teyvat.

This year, the fans took this idea and make it grow exponentially. Joining a Tiktok Cult editing Genshin Impact images using Dragonspine as background and giving Santa Claus costumes to characters.

Of course, after just a short time people start getting creative, giving Santa Hats to Ruin Graders, Slimes, event to the Dust that Signora left once she got roasted by Raiden Shogun.

Genshin Impact Holiday Plans

Even when the Holidays Celebration started earlier for the community. miHoYO will bring the Christmas Spirit to the game.

In the event Shadows Amidst Snowstorms players will collect components to create cute Snowmen for their Serenitea Pot.


These components allow customizing your own Snowman and exchange pieces with your friends to help them create the Snowman of their dreams.

Now we have to wait to see if Genshin Impact will give the Merry Christmas that players deserve including some surprise gifts in the upcoming Genshin Impact 2.3

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