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Genshin Impact Rosaria Farming Guide: All Ascension & Talent materials

Genshin Impact Rosaria
Credit: HoYoverse

Rosaria is back in Genshin Impact 3.8 as one of the 4-star characters in Kokomi and Wanderer's rerun. Rosaria is a Cryo Polearm character with good elemental application with low investment.

Here is our guide to farm all ascension materials to level-up Rosaria, the rebel member of the Church of Favonius in Mondstadt.

Rosaria farming guide

Rosaria and Barbara
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DISDAIN: Is Rosaria's seeming dislike of everyone some kind of icy front?

Rosaria is a dexterous warrior, she controls the battlefield by unleashing Cryo while getting behind her opponents to deal devastating blows.

First introduced in Genshin Impact 1.4, Rosaria is getting a rerun in the current 3.8 update. She is a capable Sub-DPS and an efficient Cryo Battery.

The unconventional nun with a penchant for ale is a solid DPS fighter, wielding a polearm and Cryo vision with deadly effect.

While not a fan of Barbados, her fellow sisters, or working in general, Rosaria does seem to have the drive to protect others in her own way.

Ascension materials

Hoarfrost Core, character level-up material, dropped by the Cryo Regisvine, a normal boss from Mondstadt.

  • This boss is located on a cliff south of Thousand Winds Temple in Starfell Valley, Mondstadt
  • Players need x46 Hoarfrost Core for Lv. 90 Rosaria
  • The Cryo Regisvine drops 2-3 of these materials once it is defeated for a cost of 40 resins

Valberry is a local speciality of Mondstadt, found in the Wild in Stormbearer. Each plant gives 4 berries.

  • Players need 168 Valberry for an Lv. 90 Rosaria
  • There are 76 Valberry in the wild refreshing every 48hrs
  • Players can buy extra Valberry with NPC Chloris and grow 32 Valberries every 70hrs in the Serenitea Pot

Insignias - Common Ascencion dropped by the Fatui Agents: Fatui Skirmishers, Fatui Cicin Mages, and Fatui Pyro Agents.

  • To level up Rosaria to Lv. 90 travelers require:
    • 18 Recruit's Insignia
    • 30 Sergeant's Insignia
    • 36 Lieutenant's Insignia

Talent materials

The Fatui agents are the military force of the Cryo Archon. They are strong elite enemies that harness all the elements.

To level up Rosaria's Talents to the max, players need:

  • 18 Recruit's Insignia
  • 66 Sergeant's Insignia
  • 93 Lieutenant's Insignia

Ballad Series are talent-level books that players can obtain in the domain, Realm of Slumber on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

To max Rosaria's Talents, players need to collect:

  • 9 Teachings of Ballad
  • 63 Guide to Ballad
  • 114 Philosophies of Ballad

The Golden House is the Mora factory and bank in Liyue. Players will face Childe Tartaglia to complete this Trounce Domain.

  • Childe Tartaglia will drop the Shadow of the Warrior when defeated
  • Rosaria needs 18 of these pieces for max Talent

Additionally, players need Shivada Jade, common crafting material for Cryo Characters, and tons of Mora to level up Rosaria to the highest level.

That concludes Rosaria's Ascension & Talent materials farming guide! If you're curious about the best weapons, artifacts, and team compositions for Rosaria, look no further. Check out our comprehensive guide here: Rosaria Build Guide: Best weapons, artifacts & team compositions

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