FPL 22/23 New Rules: Unlimited Transfer Window set to revive struggling sides

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FPL season is upon us, which means you can jump in NOW and get started on your management journey ahead of the new season.

With prices revealed and the new season now live, it's time to look at the finer details that you'll need to follow in order to reach the top.

Check below to find out about the new rules in play for FPL 22/23.


FPL New Rules

There hasn't been a swarth of new rules added into the game this year, with small adjustments made to accommodate things like the winter World Cup.

Speaking of which, a brand new unlimited transfer window will open on Saturday November 12, marking the start of a near 2 month period in which fans can make as many free transfers as they like.

Two-factor authentication has also been enabled for the new season, making sure you can rest easy knowing no one is going to hijack your side.

Finally, as ever, a new season means a new look, with the UI for FPL 22/23 receiving a makeover.


Four Chips Return

FPL fans will breathe a sigh of relief when they see that the famous Four Chips have returned and they haven't been changed.

For anyone that doesn't know, these chips are:

Wildcard - Completely overhaul your team without forfeiting points
Triple Captain - Get three times your points total for your captain
Bench Boost - Earn points from your non-playing substitutes
Free Hit - Reset your team for one week only before it reverts

The wildcard chip comes around twice a season, meaning you'll get plenty of chances throughout the 22/23 FPL season to completely change the look of your side.