Football Manager 2022 players reveal their best tips and tricks

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If you're a fan of Football Manager 2022, you've likely stumbled across the Twitter account 'out of context Football Manager'.

If not, be sure to check them out after reading this article as they've recently sparked some interesting threads that have seen responses from fans ranging from the informative to the hilarious.

One such thread saw FM fans discuss their best tips for Football Manager 2022, and we've compiled some of the highlights below.


FM22 Player Tips

Whilst we have released our own top tips article that will undoubtedly help your save reach the next level, some of these tips below were even unbeknownst to us.

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From injury rehab to simply financial tricks, these player tips are certain to teach you something brand new about Football Manager 2022.

Managing Injuries

The old adage 'you learn something new every day' certainly rings true when reading some of these tips, and this one is certainly news to us.

@Elliotttttt8 revealed to many unknowing players - like ourselves - that you can set a player's individual training to 'rehab' when they are recovering from an injury, allowing them to maintain their physical stats.

This tip certainly is a gamechanger and likely means that we owe a few assistant managers an apology.

After reading this tip, we checked it out ourselves and can confirm it works, meaning the days of worrying about depleting physical stats on an injured player may finally be over.

Youth Intake

Youth Intake day is one of the most exciting in the Football Manager calendar and @DHodgy14 has uncovered a tip that will undoubtedly help you snap up some of the best wonderkids for a very small fee.


Following these simple steps on youth intake day will allow you to see EVERY wonderkid regen available in Football Manager 2022, with the option of approaching them for free a distinct possibility.

Of course, you will be required to pay a small compensation fee once they arrive, but it will save you millions down the line.


Senior Affiliate

A tip that was featured in our own guide, @BenjiiLDN couldn't be more right when it comes to senior affiliates.

When working in the lower league you're certain to come under many budget constraints that deny you the chance to move forward at the rate you may wish.

Senior affiliates are the perfect remedy to this pain, allowing you to sign top class wonderkids on loan for basically nothing.

Whilst you won't be convincing Marcus Rashford to take a 3-month sabbatical to Rochdale, you will be able to sign and deploy some of the game's top young talent.


Back to Basics

Not every tip can blow your mind, but sometimes it's the most simple suggestion that can form the greatest lesson.

@HPJ07 may have taken some time to impart such wisdom, but it's hard to deny the truth behind his statement.

Ultimately, we're all just trying to win more games than the other teams in the league, but between VAR and the £30 million striker that can't hit a barn door, it's easier said than done.


But we'll keep trying, GPJ05, we'll keep trying...

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