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Football Manager 2022 Training Guide: The best ways to prepare your team ahead of the big match

Football Manager 2022 has finally arrived, which means it's time to get your squad prepared for another rollercoaster seasoning.

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From managing fitness levels to raising your tactical familiarity, we've got you covered for the best ways to train your team in FM22.

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FM22 Training

Training your team is an integral part of guaranteeing success in Football Manager.

Whether it's training your wonderkids to reach their full potential or making sure your players are suitably ready for a match day, nothing is more important than training.

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BALANCE IT OUT - High intensity training could lead to an injury crisis in FM22

Both individual training and team training allows you to set specific tasks for your side, ensuring that individual and team goals are hit within your club.

You'll want to make sure you balance your approach to training, as throwing too much onto your players can result in injury and poor morale.


Training Schedules

Setting a balanced schedule is the best way to get your team prepared for the big game.

It's best to ensure that your team is getting enough rest between games, as well as making sure they are working on match tactics.

Training schedules also allow you to stamp out any poor elements of the previous performance. For example, if you conceded twice from a corner in your last game, it's vitally important that your team works on defending set-pieces as a high priority on the training schedule.

Balancing recovery, rest and teamwork will ensure that morale stays high in the group, as well as keeping key players off the injury table.

Managing Intensity

When it comes to training individuals, you are able to set an intensity level that accompanies their training schedule.

Whilst it's tempting to set the intensity level to extremely high and make sure your player learns the position/skill even quicker, this can prove to be detrimental.

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KNOW YOUR ROLE - Individual training is key to developing players in FM22

Not only will setting a consistently high intensity lead to a breakdown in morale, but it can also lead to serious injury, which no one wants to deal with.

As ever, taking a balanced approach is the best way to keep everything running smoothly in Football Manager 2022.


Delegating Tasks

For those managers that don't want the hassle of taking training sessions, there's always the option of delegating tasks to your coaching staff.

Whilst we recommend taking training yourself, you can let your assistant take over whilst you sit around and wait for the report.

Delegating tasks is a handy way of keeping the simulation moving quickly, but don't complain if your side isn't gaining familiarity with your masterful tactic.

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