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24 Nov 2020

FM21: Top 10 Wonderkid Strikers (ST) - Greenwood, Boadu, Silva & more

FM21 is here, which means the FM21 Editor is here too!

This means we now know the confirmed potentials of each and every player in FM21 and therefore, we can start going after those wonderkids!

The Best Wonderkid Strikers in FM21

Let's run you through all the best wonderkid strikers in FM21.

Wonderkids in FM are 19 or younger when you start a save (July 2020) and in this instance, their natural poisiton is a striker.

High current ability (CA) is nice, but we are looking for the biggest potential ability (PA) possible. You can see a players' CA & PA in the FM21 Editor.

Most teenagers in FM21 will have a PA range, which means they won't always hit their peak potential. How you develop their talents will play a big part in their ability to reach that ceiling.

Mason Greenwood (CA 140 - PA 175)

Greenwood FM21

Age: 18

Club: Manchester United

Value: £30M

He was one of the top 10 wonderkid strikers on FM20, and he remains in that list on FM21!

The Manchester United man is valued at around £30M - significantly cheaper than the likes of Mbappe and Haaland - with some impressive initial stats such as 17 pace, 16 finishing and 16 acceleration.

Unlike others in this list, Greenwood has a fixed PA rather than a PA range. 175 is pretty impressive we must admit.

Myron Boadu (CA 137 - PA 150-180)

Boadu FM21

Age: 19

Club: AZ Alkmaar

Value: £7.75M

Another teenager worth looking at to lead the line is AZ Alkmaar forward Myron Boadu.

The 19-year-old is significantly cheaper than Greenwood - a value of around £7.75M - with some impressive physical stats such as 17 acceleration and 16 pace.

A PA range of 150-180 makes Boadu one of the top prospects to lead your attack in FM21.

Karim Adeyemi (CA 127 - PA 150-180)

Screenshot 2020 11 24 at 17 19 17

Age: 18

Club: RB Leipzig

Value: £1.1M

If you're after a lightening fast striker to leave centre backs in their wake, then take a look at Karim Adeyemi.

The German is absolute wheels (16-20 rated pace) and has the potential to take his game to the next level with a PA of 150-180.

Jamal Musiala (CA 126 - PA 150-180)

Musiala FM21

Age: 18

Club: FC Bayern II

Value: £32k

Bayern have developed some serious talent over the years, with Jamal Musiala in line to be next.

Whether you opt to take charge of the German giants and bring Musiala through the ranks, or if you're going to pick him up at another club, the Englishman will be full value for the game time.

Joao Pedro (CA 125 - PA 150-180)

Pedro FM21

Age: 18

Club: Watford

Value: £6.25M

There's a big affinity between FM and Watford, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

Brazilian teenager Joao Pedro is one of the brightest young talents you can go after to lead your line in FM21. With a PA of 150-180, the £16.5-£33M estimated cost could prove to be a steal.

Joshua Zirkzee (CA 124 - PA 150-180)

Screenshot 2020 11 24 at 17 51 30

Age: 19

Club: FC Bayern II

Value: £1.1M

If you're wanting to take over a youth side, then FC Bayern II might be the team for you.

Joshua Zirkzee joins Jamal Musiala as one of the top seven wonderkid strikers in FM21. Utilise them both well and they could be leading the Bayern strike force for years to come.

Troy Parrott (CA 123 - PA 150-180)

Parrott FM21

Age: 18

Club: Spurs

Value: £5.0M

Think you can do better than Jose Mourinho at Spurs? Make sure you give Troy Parrott the chance to impress.

The Irish forward is yet to get a breakthrough at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, but, with a PA of 150-180, you could have the next Harry Kane on your hands if you pick the Irishman up!