FM 17: Top Ten Bargain Wingers

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It’s of the utmost importance to have a few pacey, tricky wingers in your side as they provide the width for your team and they’re the ones pumping the box full of crosses for your strikers to get on the end of. Given the importance of their roles, it’s not uncommon for wingers, or the more modern inside forwards, to command hefty transfer fees, so we’ve delved into the Football Manager 2017 database to pick out the best cheap wingers on the game. Since they’re bargains, these players all cost under £10m. We’ve included their age, value, wages, current ability (CA) and potential ability (PA).

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Junior Stanislas, 26, Winger, Bournemouth (£5.25m, £21k p/w, CA 2.5 - PA 2.5)

Bournemouth have transfer listed this versatile 26-year-old winger and he would be a steal for a top second-tier side or bottom top-flight side as he’s made available for only £1.8m. It would be a coup considering Stanislas is able to play on either the right or left side of midfield or attacking midfield as a traditional winger or an inside forward. This is because he’s pacey (15), can cross (11), dribble (12), finish (13) and pass (14). Mentally, Stanislas has decent vision (12), flair (12), movement (14) and works hard (14). For £1.8m, he has a very solid set of technical, mental and physical attributes and he’d be worth the investment.


Nemanja Mihajlovic, 20, Winger, Partizan (£550k, £925 p/w, CA 2 – PA 3.5)

Partizan always seems to be a hotbed of talent out wide. On FM16, it was Andrija Zivkovic; on FM17 it’s Nemanja Mihajlovic. The 20-year-old Serb is available for under £1m and mid-table clubs or even higher should definitely be looking to pick him up as the game begins. He’s versatile to play anywhere along the attacking midfield, though his best position as a left-sided inside forward. This is because he can dribble (14), cross (13) and finish (12). Physically, he’s also pretty quick (14) and agile (13). Mentally, he has good vision (13), determination (14) and flair (13). It’s important for wingers to be hard working and Mihajlovic also falls into this category with his work rate of 12. With wages of £925 p/w, he’s extremely affordable for a wide spectrum of clubs.


Kasper Kusk, 24, Winger, FC Copenhagen (£375k, £9.75k p/w, CA 2.5 – PA 4)

The 24-year-old Dane is another versatile winger capable of playing on either side of the midfield or attacking midfield with solid attributes across the board. He’s hard working (13), has good vision (15), flair (17) and makes good decisions fairly consistently (14). Coupled with his off the ball movement (14), Kusk is an intelligent footballer. Technically, Kusk can dribble (15), cross (11), finish (12) and pass (14). All of this is aided by his impressive level of technique (16). Overall, Kasper Kusk would be an affordable signing bringing a solid level of talent to your club.


Gonzalo Martinez, 23, Winger, River Plate (£2.5m, £6.5k p/w, CA 2.5 – PA 4.5)

Martinez is absurdly cheap considering he’s talented enough to command a regular spot in the starting line up of most top-flight clubs and for roughly £3m, he should be your first port of call in your hunt for a bargain winger. The ability to do the unexpected (flair 18) is the main reason underpinning his skilful wide play. He’s also quick (pace 15 and acceleration 17) and agile (15). His technical stats are very impressive, furthermore. His crossing is 15, dribbling 16, finishing 12, passing 14 and technique 16. It’s surprising he’s available for so little and signing the 23-year-old Argentine would be great business. The one drawback may be that he doesn’t work particularly hard (10).


Marcos Acuna, 24, Winger, Racing Club (£2.5m, £4.8k p/w, CA 2.5 – PA 3.5)

Another Argentinian winger worth signing if you’re working on a budget is Marcos Acuna from Racing Club. The 24-year-old is capable of playing on both sides of midfield, which makes signing him a no-brainer. He’s quick (pace 15) and agile (14), which, coupled with his dribbling (15), makes him a nuisance to deal with out wide. He can cross (14) and pass (14), too, and he works hard (15), is determined (14) and has a good level of flair (16). He can also threaten from direct free kicks (16).


Jonatan Gomez, 26, Winger, Sante Fe (£150k, £1.1k p/w, CA 2.5 – PA 2.5)

Admittedly, Jonatan Gomez isn’t the most gifted of players, but for under £1m, but this is a bargain list after all and Gomez certainly is one. At 26-years-old, the Argentinian doesn’t have much room to improve in the future, but he’s talented enough to do a solid job from the start. This is because he can dribble (14), cross (13) and pass (14). His flair is decent enough (14), plus he’s fast (acceleration 16 and pace 15) and agile (15). As I’ve said, overall, Gomez isn’t spectacular, but he’ll undoubtedly be solid enough for a lower Premier League side and, for his price and wages, it’s another no-brainer signing for cash-strapped clubs.


Fede Cartabia, 23, Winger, Valencia (£4.1m, £8.25k p/w, CA 2.5 – PA 3.5)

Signing Fede Cartabia should be a no-brainer really. He’s available for roughly £6.5m and would be able to compete for a starting spot at clubs at the upper end of the table, no doubt. He’s not the fastest overall (13), but he has a good turn of pace (acceleration 15) and is balanced (16) and agile (17), which aids his flair (16). Therefore, he has the ability to do the unexpected, making him extremely tricky. He can also dribble extremely well (17), finish (13), cross (14) and pass (16). Whilst he has great vision (16), he’s not particularly hard working (8) or determined (12), which will need improving. Overall, the 23-year-old Argentinian winger would be a versatile signing that will improve all midtable sides.


Jonathan Biabiany, 28, Winger, Inter (£8m, £49k p/w, CA 3 – PA 3)

Although Jonathan Biabiany is ageing a little, at 28 he’d be able to provide at least a couple more seasons before he starts slowing down. He’s on the transfer list at Inter and is available for a steal of £4m. His biggest asset is undoubtedly his explosive pace. He has a great overall top speed (pace 18) and he accelerates well (18), which can compensate for his slightly lower flair (14). Whilst the Frenchman isn’t the most complete winger you’d find, he will be good at his job. This is because he can dribble (16), cross (13) and he’s hard working (13). For £4m, Biabiany is definitely worth it for mid-table sides.


Santi Mina, 20, Winger, Valencia (£4.5m, £21k p/w, CA 2.5 – PA 4)

Santi Mina, Valencia’s 20-year-old Spanish winger, is available for roughly £8.25m, though Valencia do ask that you loan him back to the club for the forthcoming season. Either pay slightly over the odds to get him now and wait a year so you can benefit from his cheap valuation. Mina would be worth the wait. He’s a versatile winger capable of playing on either side or up front. He’s best as an inside forward because of his dribbling (14), crossing (12) and finishing (12). He’s got decent vision (12), movement (16) and flair (14). It’s worth remembering that Mina is still only 20 and will undoubtedly improve in the future, increasing his value simultaneously.


Felipe Gedoz, 23, Winger, Club Brugge (£1.9m, £8.5k p/w, CA 2.5 – PA 2.5)

You pay for what you get with Felipe Gedoz. Valued at under £2m, don’t expect buckets of quality, but you will get a decent bargain winger if you’re a mid-table club looking for some improvement on your current personnel. Gedoz can play on either wing, but he’s best served on the right as that’s his preferred foot. He can dribble (15) to devastating effect, finish (12) and he’s also a threat from distance (long shots 16). As I’ve said, you pay for what you get and Gedoz isn’t particularly hard working (work rate 10), but he’s solid technically speaking and can be a nuisance out wide.

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