FM17: Hull City Player Ratings Revealed

Here’s the Hull City team on Football Manager 2017 with all the player ratings and values revealed and broken down to help you understand your squad.

oliver stein by Oli Stein

Hull City are actually in a bit of difficult position when you take over. You start with a very small transfer and wage budget and quite a serious shortage of players in key position, namely central defence. An injury or two and you’d have a crisis on your hands.

Make sure you invest wisely and they key would be to sign young players for a small fee that can develop into stars. You could even look to sell them on in the future for a large profit to subsequently reinvest into your team.

Hull’s transfer and wage budgets are as follows:

Transfer budget: £6,000,000

Wage budget: £698,778


Position Player Current Rating Potential Rating Age Nationality Value
Goalkeeper Allan McGregor 3 3 34 Scotland £750k
Goalkeeper David Marshall 3.5 3.5 31 Scotland £6m

Marshall will be your best bet for number one as he’s half a star better rated than McGregor. However, both are now in their thirties and signing a young back-up may be in your best interests.


Position Player Current Rating Potential Rating Age Nationality Value
Defender Brian Lenihan 2.5 3 22 Ireland £375k
Defender Andrew Robertson 3.5 4.5 22 Scotland £6.25m
Defender Michael Dawson 3.5 3.5 32 England £800k
Defender Curtis Davies 3.5 3.5 31 England £3.3m
Defender Harry Maguire 3.5 3.5 23 England £5.25m
Defender Moses Odubajo 3.5 3.5 22 Nigeria £10m

Hull have a serious shortage of defenders and reinforcing their weak defence will be crucial if you want to keep them in the Premier League. Andrew Robertson is the standout defender as he has the potential to rise to 4.5 stars. You should look to replace Dawson and Davies who are 32 and 31, respectively. However, not immediately as Hull lack central defenders as it is and you will have to keep them on, even just as cover, for the first year at least.


Position Player Current Rating Potential Rating Age Nationality Value
Midfielder Tom Huddlestone 3.5 3.5 29 England £7m
Midfielder Ahmed Elmohamady 3.5 3.5 28 Egypt £9.25m
Midfielder Jake Livermore 3.5 3.5 26 England £8.75m
Midfielder Ryan Mason 3.5 3.5 25 England £13.25m
Midfielder James Weir 3 3 20 England £1.9m
Midfielder David Meyler 3 3 27 Ireland £2.8m
Midfielder Markus Henriksen 3.5 4 23 Norway £3.3m
Midfielder Robert Snodgrass 3.5 4 28 Scotland £9m
Midfielder Jarrod Bowen 1.5 3.5 19 England £180k
Midfielder Shaun Maloney 3 3 33 Scotland £220k
Midfielder Sam Clucas 3.5 3 25 England £7m

You actually start with a fair amount of midfielders, all of which are pretty decent, in truth. The lowest rated are Maloney and Clucas at three-star potential, whilst Henriksen and Snodgrass have the ability to rise to four stars. Snodgrass will be your key man. Strength in depth is important given the low quality of defenders as your best chance of surviving may be by playing a five-man midfield. It might be worth sending Bowen on loan if he’s not going to be getting game time, or moving him to your reserve squad.


Position Player Current Rating Potential Rating Age Nationality Value
Striker Dieumerci Mbokani 3.5 3.5 30 Congo £4.8m
Striker Will Keane 2.5 3.5 23 England £1.5m
Striker Adama Diomande 2.5 2.5 26 Norway £2.2m
Striker Abel Hernandez 3.5 3.5 25 Uruguay £9m
Striker Greg Luer 1.5 2.5 21 England £180k

You’re not short of options up front either, with the Hull squad boasting five strikers. It may be worth moving Diomande on to pastures new as he’s 26 with no chance of improving and £2.2million won’t go amiss in Hull’s small coffers.

Oli Stein

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