FM 17: Top 10 Bargain Right Backs

RealSport have listed the best bargain right backs in Football Manager 2017.

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Every team needs a great right back that can run up and down the flank and provide defensive stability. Getting players on the cheap can make a huge difference to your team’s ability to challenge for silverware.

We’ve created our list based on the several key criteria for bargain buy players. These include price, age, wages and the following key attributes. The player must be 25 or under to allow for further growth at a club, must be valued at £2.5m or less and must have at least a base rating of 10 for positioning, marking and tackling. We’ve have used a large worldwide database and Arsenal Chief Scout Steve Rowley who boasts a score of 20 for both judging player ability and judging player potential.

To make things easier we’ve listed the players age, position(s), club, value, weekly wages, current ability (CA) and potential ability (PA) next to each players name. So, without further ado here our RealSport’s top 10 bargain right backs in Football Manager 2017.



The 21-year-old Dutch fullback is proficient in 6 of the 8 positions he can be utilised in. Right back is by far his strongest position as he has solid positioning (11), marking (13) and tackling (12) ability considering his modest value, age and potential ability. He is a great buy and can be developed into a world class player. He consistently looks to play balls into the box from the right and this is shown in his stats with his crossing (14), work rate (17), pace (15) and stamina (15). He’s as comfortable putting the ball into the opposition box as he is tracking back. The range of positions he can play is perfect for a new manager that has not settled on a specific style or formation. A must buy for bargain hunters as he’ll comfortably fit into most defences, especially after 2-3 years of further development.

GINO PERUZZI, 24, RB, RWB, RM, LB, BOCA (£1.9M, £5.75K P/W, CA 2 – PA 3)


The 24-year-old Argentine is willing to move to a European team and might even be persuaded to join a team in a smaller league like the Championship in England. He has decent base stats of positioning (12), marking (13) and tackling (14) which in combination with his stamina (17), bravery (17) and anticipation (15) makes him a player that will tackle for 90 mins and won’t be afraid to get stuck into the opposition. He is best suited to a defensive team that employ attacking wing play, such as Stoke.

MARTON NERVO, 25, RB, CB, HURUCAN (£1.9M, £3.7K P/W, CA 1.5 – PA 2.5)


The 25-year-old is our second Argentine on the list and can be employed on the right of defence. He’s got strong base attributes with his positioning (14), marking (14) and tackling (14), ticking all the boxes for an old school no nonsense defender. His leadership (16), teamwork (15) and composure (14) makes him a potential captain in most English Championship sides and even for most bottom half Premier League sides. He will take charge of your defence and will be best suited to side lacking in leadership like Sunderland.

PATRIC, 23, RB, RWB, RM, LAZIO (£1.8, £21.5K P/W, CA 1.5 – PA 2.5)


The 23-year-old has base stats that do not necessarily match his wage demands with low ratings for positioning (11), marking (12) and tackling (12). But when you consider his aggression (16), bravery (17), work rate (18) and stamina (16) it becomes clear that he can solidify his flank and easily ward off forwards. He is perfect for a slower paced league where forwards rely on more time on the ball. He’s a bargain buy and best suited to German, French and Italian sides.

NATHAN THOMPSON, 25, RB, RM, CB, SW, LB, SWINDON (£925K, £3K P/W, CA 1.5 – PA 2.5)


The versatile 25-year-old Englishman is a must buy for any team that are looking to bolster their homegrown player numbers. Perfect for smaller clubs with less money, he can fill any role throughout the entire back line. His base attributes of positioning (11), marking (12) and tackling (14) are just about average for this list but combined with his aggression (15), bravery (18), strength (14) and work rate (15) he’s a hidden gem. He’ll bring that no nonsense, gritty, old school English defending to the right side of the pitch.

DARIO DUMIC, 24, RB, CB, N.E.C. (£1.5M, £2.4K P/W, CA 2 – PA 2)


The 24-year-old Dane has reached his potential ability and although he is lacking in some areas his base attributes for positioning (14), marking (13), tackling (15) are all very strong. His aggression (15), work rate (15), and strength (16) combines perfectly with his tackling to make him a hard working right back that will be a great fit for more aggressive defences.

DIEGO, 20, RB, RWB, BOT (£1.4M, £4.2K P/W, CA 2 – PA 3)


At 20 years old the young Brazilian is yet to reach his true potential and his base attributes of positioning (13), marking (13) and tackling (11) can be greatly improved. His acceleration (15) pace (14), dribbling (14) and crossing (14) makes him a dangerous counter attacking player who can effortlessly cross balls into the opposition box. The modern right back will slot in nicely in a side like Leicester City, especially with big target men like Slimani upfront.

DIMITRI FOULQUIER, 23, RB, RWB, LB, GRANADA (£1.7M, £9K P/W, CA 2.5 – PA 2.5)


The 23-year-old Frenchman has average base ability with his positioning (12), marking (12) and tackling (12). But he can be greatly improved under the right coach as he is still young for a right back. He can play up and down both flanks and considering his acceleration (16), pace (15), dribbling (12) and technique (12) it’s clear he enjoys running with the ball from deep, like Hector Bellerin for Arsenal.

IVAN BALLIU, 24, RB, RWB, FC MENTZ (£2.4M, £5.5K P/W, CA 2 – PA 2)


Currently plying his trade in the Bundesliga the 24-year-old Spaniard has decent base stats of positioning (13), marking (11) and tackling (13). Balliu enjoys playing quick one-twos with midfielders and can be used to build up attacks from the back. This is shown by his dribbling (11), technique (13), passing (11), anticipation (12) and decisions (12) ability. He’s best suited when you have a creative midfield that he can feed of. He could be a great asset for a team like Man United where he can link up with Paul Pogba and Wayne Rooney.

TIMOTHY CASTAGNE, 20, RB, RWB, CB, KRC GENK (£1.4M, £3.4K P/W, CA 2.5 – PA 4)


The 20-year-old Belgian is ripe for development. He’s young and has a high potential ability rating (4). His base positioning (13), marking (12) and tackling (12) attributes are high enough to be a starter in most Sky Bet Championship sides and a good squad player in any Premier League team where he can develop faster if sent out on loan. His determination (18), work rate (14) and teamwork (15) will speed up his development and he will be a solid Premier league starter within 3 seasons. Perfect to replace an ageing right back like Pablo Zabaleta at Manchester City.

This list is based on what I feel is the best bargain buy right backs available in FM 17 and a lot of them need further development or can be used as squad players.

We’ll be publishing a guide on how to scout the perfect player to make sure you check back soon.

Any players you think deserve to be on the list? Let us know in the comments.

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