FM 17: Top 10 Bargain Left Backs

Here’s RealSport’s picks for the top bargain left backs in Football Manager 2017. Let’s go bargain hunting!

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Having a solid defence with left backs that have great attacking and defensive abilities are highly sought after in Football Manager, especially ones that can be purchased for cheap.

For purchasing bargain players, we’ve taken a few factors into consideration which include price, age, wages and the ever important attributes. There are different definitions of what constitutes a bargain, especially when considering your team’s financial power, attractiveness to potential players and requirements at the time.

We’ve defined a bargain buy based on the following variables; The player must be 25 years old or under to allow for further growth at a club, the player must be valued at £2.5m or less to be a bargain buy and they must have at least a rating of 10 for the following base attributes; positioning, marking and tackling. The worldwide database and Arsenal Chief Scout Steve Rowley have been used, as he boasts a score of 20 for both judging player ability and player potential.

We’ve listed the players age, position(s), team, value, weekly wages, current (CA) and potential ability (PA). So let’s get down to business with RealSport’s Top 10 bargain buy left back defenders in FM 17.   

LUDWIG AUGUSTINSSON, 22, LB, LWB, FC KOBENHAVN (£2.1M; £5.75K P/W; CA – 2.5; PA – 3.5)

The 22-year-old Swedish left back is currently playing for Switzerland’s no 1 team, FC Kobenhavn. His base attributes of positioning (13), marking (13) and tackling (13) seem low considering his price. But with the modern evolution of fullbacks that fill the role of an attacking winger, a tactic employed to great effect by teams like Arsenal and Chelsea, attributes like acceleration (15), stamina (15), crossing (15) and passing (13) are highly coveted and Ludwig is a great purchase if your team plays an attacking style of football where you overload from the left side. As previously mentioned he will be suited to teams like Arsenal especially when you play with Alex Iwobi on the left as the young Nigerian tends to drift into the middle of the pitch.   


The 23-year-old Argentinian is a true workhorse and his with great base attributes for positioning (13), marking (14) and tackling (15). This indicates he’s best suited in a lower table side that often park the bus in front of goal. His workrate (18), bravery (17) and aggression (15) will give you a hard working, no fear defender that can become a rock on the left of your defence. He will fit in perfectly for mid-table teams like West Brom. 

KIM JIN-SU, 24, LB, LWB, HOFFENHEIM (£1.9, £7.25K P/W, CA 2 – PA 3)

Hailing from South Korea the 24-year-old has proven he can easily fit in with a foreign club, which bodes well if you are playing with a club that’s outside of the major leagues and countries. When looking at his base attributes, he needs help with his positioning (11), but marking (14) and tackling (15) are high for a player on this list. When combining his base attributes with his stamina (15), agility (15) and acceleration (14) it paints a picture of a player that might not always be in the right positions, but has the ability to recover and chase down opposition players. He will do well in a team like West Ham that has a midfielder such as Mark Noble.

REECE JAMES, 22, LB, WIGAN (£1.7M, 6K P/W, CA 1.5 – PA 2.5)

The 22-year-old Englishman is a solid homegrown player if you are playing with one of the Premier League clubs. His base attributes, positioning (13), marking (12) and tackling (12), provide a great foundation to build upon and can be developed into a solid Premier League starting left back. Given his work rate (16), stamina (15) and acceleration (14) he’ll give 100% for 90 mins every week and I am personally buying him as a bargain option to be an understudy for Kieran Gibbs as Gibbs will be replacing Nacho Monreal in my starting XI.

VICTOR ALVAREZ, 23, LB, LWB, LM, LAM, ESPANYOL (£1.7M, £10K P/W, CA 1.5 – PA 2.5)

Being the most versatile player on our list the 23-year-old Spaniard can be used up and down the left flank to great effect, similar to Kieran Gibbs for Arsenal. He epitomises the modern full back with this versatility, but being a jack of all trades sees his base attributes are on the lower end of the spectrum with his positioning (11) and marking (12) not anything to write home about. However, his tackling (15) and anticipation (13) can be used in unison to negate his lack of positioning. With his vision (13), decisions (13) and passing (13) he can kick start a counter attack from deep and can be used to his full potential in a deep lying defence like Middlesbrough.

DECLAN JOHN, 21, RB, RWB, RM, CARDIFF (£2.3M, £7.5K P/W, CA 2.5 – PA 3.5)

The 21-year-old Welshman is not a traditional left back as is blatantly obvious when viewing his base attributes of positioning (12), marking (10) and tackling (11). So why is he a bargain at £2.3m? His pace (15), acceleration (14) and agility (12) not only allows him to recover quickly if his winger slips his marking, but it allows him to fill the role of a modern left back that can easily push forward, especially with his dribbling (12) and passing (13) ability. His modest wages make him well worth the purchase. He will require a team with strong central defenders to cover his forward runs and could do well for a team like Chelsea if you employ Conte’s defensive set up with 3 CB’s.

JORGE, 20, RB, RWB, RM, RAM, FLA (£1.7M, £6K P/W, CA 2.5 – PA 3.5)

The young Brazilian may have low base attributes of positioning (11), marking (12) and tackling (11), but at 20 years old he can be developed into a great left back. His vision (14), crossing (14), passing (14), flair (14) and anticipation (14) all combine to indicate the making of a solid playmaker on the left. Jorge can turn defence into attack at any moment and his play reminds me of Nacho Monreal of Arsenal. He will be a decent purchase as an understudy to the Spaniard and a good replacement for Kieran Gibbs.


At under £1m the 21-year-old Serbian is the ultimate bargain buy for a cash-strapped club. His base attributes of positioning (13), marking (13) and tackling (13) exceed his modest value, which may be due to the league he plays in. He gets forward often and with his work rate (13), pace (13) and stamina (14) he will run himself into the ground. A workhorse of the highest calibre he will fair wonderfully well in any team.

ZECA, 22, LB, SAN (£2.5M, £5K P/W, CA 3 – PA 3)

Reaching his potential at a relatively early age, the 22-year-old Brazilian has decent base attributes of positioning (12), marking (12) and tackling (13). His dribbling (14), long shots (16), finishing (13) and technique (15) compares favourably for against most Premier League midfielders and is in line with a modern day player that can both defend and attack. He will fit in well with one of the recently promoted teams like Middlesbrough.

BRUNO MARTELLA, 23, LB, LWB, LM CROTONE (£1.4M, £7.75K, CA 2 – PA 3)

The 23-year-old Italian is currently plying his trade in Serie A and he is comfortable in various positions down the left flank. His base attributes of positioning (11), marking (12) and tackling (12) may not warrant a letter home to mum, but his acceleration (17) and natural fitness allows him to effortlessly run up the flank to play dangerous balls into the box using his crossing (16), passing (13) and anticipation (15) skills. More of an attacking threat than a defensive stalwart, he is another one of our bargain buys that could fit in well with a team like Chelsea.

This list is based on what I feel is the best bargain buy left backs currently available in FM 17. You can filter and change requirements of your scouting based on your specific needs. We’ll release a full guide on how to scout for the perfect player soon. 

Have any other bargain left backs that should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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