FIFA 23 - How long does it take for a Showdown card to get upgraded?

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The Showdown Series is taking over FIFA 23 Ultimate Team bringing us daily Squad Building Challenges and plenty of additional content.

With every Showdown duo eligible for further upgrades, there will be plenty of rating changes in FUT over the next couple of weeks.

But, when will your Showdown card actually receive its upgrade in-game?

Find out how long it takes for a Showdown card to get their in-game upgrade in FUT 23 below.

How long does it take for a Showdown card to get upgraded?

Showdown card upgrades will be determined only once the selected match has been completed and the result has been finalised.

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INBOUND - The Showdown Series is taking over FUT 23

Once the match is played, the Showdown items can take up to a few days to update in-game.

The time that EA takes to upgrade the Showdown items can vary, but we expect it to be pretty snappy during the Showdown Series campaign.

More on Showdown upgrades

Every player that is selected for a Showdown card will receive an initial boost on their special item, which means even if you expect the player's team to come up short in the match, the SBC can still be worth completing.

Depending on the result of the specific fixture, Showdown cards can receive a +2 OVR, +1 OVR or no upgrade at all.

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ALL TIME CLASSIC - This Showdown SBC card was unreal value

The players selected for Showdown cards do not need to be selected or have played in the particular match to receive an upgrade.

For all the details on how Showdown cards actually get upgraded, head here.

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