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The Elder Scrolls Online Endeavors: Daily, Weekly, How They Work & More

The Elder Scrolls Online allows players across the world to explore the various lands of Tamriel, levelling up their character as they complete various quests.

For more experienced players looking for ways to get some new gold and new items, there are daily and weekly endeavor quests that provide gold and unique currency called Seals of Endeavor. Here's all you need to know about them.

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Daily Endeavors

A purchasable horse in The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store from the endeavor quest rewards.
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The Elder Scrolls Online's Daily Endeavors refresh each day at 07:00 am BST with five quests offering a small reward of Seals of Endeavor and occasionally some gold. Out of the five quests, three of them are completable each day. Below are the five Daily Endeavors for Tuesday, 30th August 2022

  • Kill 10 Citizens with the Blade of Woe (10 Seals of Endeavor)
  • Destroy 10 Watery Foes (10 Seals of Endeavor)
  • Refine Raw Materials 8 Times (10 Seals of Endeavor)
  • Repair 10000 Damage to Structures in Cyrodiil (10 Seals of Endeavor)
  • Dig Up Chest from Treasure Maps (10 Seals of Endeavor)

Weekly Endeavors

The Elder Scrolls Online Key Art celebrating a year of endeavor quests being available.
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The Weekly version of The Elder Scrolls Online's Endeavor Quests is refreshed every Monday at 07:00 am BST with three more difficult quests, each usually offering a larger reward of Seals of Endeavor and sometimes added gold. Out of the three, only one of these quests can be completed. Below are the three Weekly Endeavors for Week 35, 2022.

  • Complete 3 Trials (230 Seals of Endeavor)
  • Deal 600000 Damage with Siege Weapons (230 Seals of Endeavor)
  • Excavate 15 Antiquities (230 Seals of Endeavor)

What Are Seals of Endeavor Used For?

The unique currency for Daily and Weekly Endeavors, Seals are used to purchase items from the Crown Store's "Seal of Endeavor" section that are otherwise only accessible via crown crates, letting players skip the need for opening crates to get what they want.

The available wares change as the items in the crates change, meaning that players will need to focus on completing these quests to get the items they want. Purchasing items with Seals of Endeavor works the same as any other part of the Crown Store and items purchased this way cannot be converted into Crown Gems.

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