25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

CerQ: "We want to be the best team [in NA]"

Copyright: ESL | Bart Oerbekke

You had a really good tournament individually and went out in the semis, but impressed a lot of people after winning over FaZe and G2. How does it feel getting some big wins over top European teams?

It feels great obviously that we made the semifinal because that was our goal for this tournament, but we felt like we could have made the finals if we had played a little bit better. We made crucial mistakes. We are disappointed but at the same time, we are not disappointed. 

I spoke to mousesports' coach LMBT yesterday and he said they didn't spend too much time viewing your demos, that he knew what you were going to do. Do you think that you're actually an unpredictable team or do you think you just have good defaults and executes? 

They know how we do probably because we just play defaults and most of the time just hit a bombsite based on numbers. Most of the time we get a kill through a default. We play simple CS. It's not that hard, so I understand why he says that.

You've been really good on the AWP. Originally you were looking a little shaky when you first came into the team, do you feel that was due to you adjusting to the team because now you've been hitting some crazy shots?

Honestly, it's not adjusting, I just had pressure on myself, trying to prove myself. I think that's normal but it shouldn't have taken that long.


What's it like being on an NA team compared to being on Bulgarian or EU teams?

The biggest difference is just being alone, away from home. That's pretty much it, there's no other difference. You're playing the same game, having as much fun, it's just missing your family that sucks.

You had a good performance and your next event is StarLadder, what's it like going from tournament to tournament with not a lot of downtime? 

We're flying out after this to go home for about two days, then we're flying out to Kiev again. The two days at home will have practice and online matches too. It's really exhausting, to be honest. 

In NA at least, you are probably the second-best team, how do you feel about being a top two team in the region with Cloud9 falling off?

We don't really want to be the second-best team, we want to be the best team. We're happy we are top two, but we want to be top one. That's our goal.