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Cajunb: "We believe that after the player break, we have been slacking too much"

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You had a disappointing time in Hong Kong and then in Stockholm. Individually and as a team, how do you reset and bounce back in time for the Major?We believe that after the player break, to be honest, that we have been slacking too much. We have not been playing enough individually, so the thing we are trying to do at the moment is to play a lot. We're trying to talk strats through a lot of the time, trying to see if we can find any mistakes individually and as a team. We are just trying to stay focused because we believe it's going to come sooner rather than later.ELEAGUE Boston was after the Christmas break, while PGL Krakow was before the main player break. You said the player break has an impact so do you think the second Major of the year is better before or after a player break?It depends. I'd like to have the Major two or three weeks after the break because then people actually have time to prepare some new stuff. This time, there were a lot of tournaments, two tournaments before this Major so it's hard for us to prepare new strats all the time because we went to Hong Kong, we went to Stockholm as well and we got the invite to Hong Kong before we had even qualified for the Major or Stockholm. 

We didn't know we would have three tournaments in a row. For us, it was really hard to say no and we couldn't really prioritise at that point. I can see why you would put it before the break because people are warm individually and people are pretty much prepared.North are here, your former team, Astralis as the best team in the world and ex-teammates on compLexity, is that an extra motivating factor to know you'll likely be going up against teams and players you have history with, or is there additional pressure?I think there will always be some sort of rivalry going on in Danish CS and they're all my former teammates and good friends still but of course we really want to win against them. I'm not going to lie about that. I really want to show that this team has the potential to be at the top and I don't feel we have been showing that in the past two tournaments but I do believe that if we stay focused, it's possible.Are there any teams you feel are underrated and that people should be keeping an eye on?I think it's NiP at this tournament, thats the team I believe can go far since they could find some sort of magic at this tournament.Is there anything you want to say to the OpTic fans, or perhaps those that are doubting you right now?I actually want to thank them, because even though we have been struggling at the moment, I have actually been receiving a lot of really kind messages, it's not what I'm used to when we play bad, but this time I want to thank them because it has been nice to have the real fans supporting us and it's really appreciated.Your first game is against Team Liquid, what are you thoughts going into that tomorrow?Going up against Team Liquid is gonna be really tough, they are a really good team and are good individual players, they have been together a really long time and as far as I can read from social media, a lot of people actually think of them as the X factor at this tournament, that they probably can go far and have them as favourites. 

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