cadiaN: "We are happy to be here and for us it does not matter when the tournament is"

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Photo Credit: (Dreamhack)

For Rogue, your last official games were a while ago. With the player break, how do you feel coming into the major practice-wise? 

In terms of the player break it has been good, just getting to relax and getting out of the environment tournament consistently. On another note, it probably hurts our team's individual skill not playing for so long, but it gives us a fresh mindset which is important. 


You mention that the player break has had an effect, do you think it is better to have a major before or after a player break? 

I think arguments can be made before or after a player break. With this you have more time for players to practice before if teams want to, but if you want to do it right before a break a lot of teams might be drained from a lot of tournaments. 

So I think no matter what someone will find a reason to complain. We are happy to be here and for us, it does not matter when the tournament is. 

Are there any other teams that you want to face especially another Danish team? 

The Danish teams are always fun to play especially when you come up with a victory. We are not looking into a specific team too much. 

Do you think OpTic will come into this event looking strong or will they continue to look shaky? 

Their level will be up to themselves because they have the individual talent and everything needed to be a great team. They need the confidence and right set of mind. The two tournaments they went to were tough but it is important to have a fresh mindset. 


A lot of teams have been branching out from their traditional regions (Rogue in Denmark or BIG with Smooya), do you think a lot of teams will continue the trend rather than use players from one country? 

I think for the most part the best teams have a core from the same country and I think there will always be a preference for speaking a native language. The future is uncertain as we have seen a few projects international teams that can work like FaZe and Mousesports and teams that have a core like Astralis. 

Do you have anything to say to your supporters? 

The support has been amazing especially after the Americas Minor. I am reading through all of your messages even if I don’t get to like your message it is being seen and appreciated.